Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Yarn Rave!

Started a new pair of socks yesterday, fancied doing some trainer socks (knit up a bit quicker due to length, more instant gratification) and did the sock calculator thing to make sure they are tailor-made for my feet (my first pair are a bit small unfortunately, they've stretched a bit, I have wide feet!)
So I grabbed my ball of tofutseis and omg its gorgeous to knit with! I love it!
Its so soft and moves to nice on the needles, I'm finding I'm not having to pull and push as much, it just glides along.
The colour is just coming out great, liking the haphazard look of the colours, bit of pink, then blue, then green, its fab!
Would really really recommend having a go with this yarn, you won't regret it!


  1. I've heard wonderful things about Tofutsies, and yours looks like a really lovely colourway.

    Gotta say too, what a great job you've made of your Opal socks. :) Fab colours in those stripes!

  2. I agree, I'm knitting a pair in their free Tidal Wave patttern. :)

    Soft and light. :)

    Your colourway is lovely...........the yarn silky :)