Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Bit quiet again..

I've petered off again! But I'm sure you'll forgive me, I've not been too well and family life has been a bit ick to say the least.
What I have been doing tho, is participating in a fingerless gloves swap on Angel yarns.
And of course, I wanted to give a good show, so I chose to do Fetchings!
Yes that does mean it was my first go at cables, I wasn't too worried I have to say, the principle seemed pretty simple and as I'd assumed, it wasn't too bad at all!

Fetchings in SWTC Karaoke Wild Cherry

Fuzzlewett, my recipient of the gloves seemed pleased with the result!

And I got mine in return the other day and they are very smart indeed!

Aren't they fab? Not sure on what the pattern or yarn was yet, but I will be asking cause I'd like to make another pair. Do really like them tho, tad bit tight round the top but its not restricting and will stretch with use :-) I love doing swaps like that!

In other knitting news...I've come across a hooded top that I would kill to cast on right now this second! Its called Rogue and it looks just stunning! I've even got my yarn picked out already, Elann Peruvian Highland wool, in Garnet, I'll buy it direct from Elann which makes it less than $3 a ball and so cheap for making a sweater of this size, in my size! (I once sized up a jumper for dp, skinny little guy, wool that was recommended would have made it £50! *faints* I love him but...) See I've fallen so much in love with cables I feel capable of tackling that! I must be mad..