Sunday, 17 February 2008

Rainbow Child

A name that is certainly fitting of my daughter thats for sure!
I started this project last June when the magazine it was in was published. As soon as I saw it I wanted to make it, even tho Neala was not in the size ranges for it, she was going to be eventually!
Its been an on/off project, I'd pick it up every so often and do a few rows, and then leave it again.
I'd actually finished knitting the main parts of it a few weeks ago, but it was going to need blocking before I sewed it up, and of course I put off doing it..but then I got a spurt of energy on and got it done, hood knitted, and the crochet border done in the space of about 3 days, just in time for Nealas 3rd birthday.

Now I mentioned a crochet border...which is interesting seeing as I can only vaguely crochet, my friend Kirsty showed me how to do trebles when I went down to see her and apart from that and doing chains, and slip stitches, thats all I can do. So the idea of doing a whole border in crochet did worry me slightly, and I was going to leave it until my next knitting group, but I was in such a good mood for finishing it, I decided to give it a go.. Ok so its not identical in any way to the original, but its as near as I could get it with my limited skills.
I did a double crochet base layer, treble crochet over the top of that and then chain 5, and slip stitch in to the treble over the top of that, and I was very happy with the result. The original pattern did do some thing similar, but was 2treble (eh?) and then another row after the chain 5, but I decided I was happy with what I'd done (before I messed it up!)
Out of all my projects so far, thats the one I feel I've accomplished the most with, and of course, I was chuffed when Ravelry asked to use my photo for the main pattern page, my daughter is in the lime light! Just as she likes it of course....

Well London is just 10 days away..I did decide it was only fitting that I should be knitting my evangeline gloves, seen as I'm going to be seeing the band that sings that song and inspired my colour choice. I did buy some Lorna's laces black purl and its gorgeous, my only problem at the moment is not casting them on! Its on the table in front of me as we speak, with printed pattern, and needles, just begging me..I really want to start them but I just want to have some thing interesting to do on the trip! Only thing keeping my hands off it, that and I've got two deadline projects going which really need doing before I go away.
Can't stop singing Evangeline now..any one would think I'm excited about some thing...

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Just how much planning for a trip to London?

Ok so I'm obsessed, I admit it! Last time I went on a trip of any substance like this, I didn't knit and so read a book and listened to my ipod for a few hours, but this time, I'm a fully fledged knit in public person so I've got to make it look good.
My first thought was I need a bag, and not any bag, it had to be fairly specific for what I needed. It had to one I could clip to a belt loop, big enough to hold my work without my dpns sticking out of the top and also at the same time, being able to hold all my essentials, scissors, crochet hook for mistakes, stitch markers etc but not so big it was going to be a problem hanging from my waist.
Well I have to say it took a while, but eventually, by fluke of course, I found the perfect bag at the Yarn and Fiber company. Free shipping over $50 to the uk..*insert evil laugh* (we counted it as my christmas present mum, seen I bought Martin some thing and...) So I treated my self to my Kauni yarn (that is going on my next lace project after I finish my FC shawl) and a ball of Noro kureyon sock wool (can never have enough..) and this lovely Sereknity bag in a purple Batik. It is gorgeous! And of course, perfect for my needs.

Then of course, I've got a bag I can hang on a belt loop..I needed a decent pair of pants to travel in with said belt loop, Tesco to the rescue! £10 pair of black combat pants, perfect.
Next thought was well I'm more than likely going to be knitting socks, so thats 4/5 loose dpns in my bag..I don't want to stab any one with them thru my bag (cause you know I just would) and I don't fancy having to pick up stitchs if my knitting goes wandering whilst its being stored. Now this time I knew there was a solution. Work in Progress tubes. They are cool, they cover my dpns up whilst having a slot to let what ever is on the needles hang thru and safe. I'm doing well here!

Now I'm only left with one teeny tiny little problem.....what the hell am I going to knit?! It can't be some thing I've already started because I want the motivation of a new project, I want it to look good so I look cool doing it and people will be interested in it, but it can't be so complicated that I can't manage it without instuctions.
Of course my instinct is to get some jazzy sock wool and do some straight socks that will look good regardless of pattern, but I want some thing that will keep my mind busy.
I will tell you what is winning the battle at the moment and thats my evangeline gloves from magknits. My black purl has arrived to do them in, the pattern doesn't look *too* bad and would be interesting to do (could always tape the pattern to the seat in front of me..) but am I mad for wanting to attempt cabling in the round on a train?! I think I might be, but I'm open to suggestions! 17 days to decide....

On a different note, the new UK swap that I've gotten involved in is well underway! I'm having a great time chatting to the person who is sending stuff to me (don't know who she is of course!) and I hope we will be friends after all this is done. I'm busy stalking my person and leaving blog comments. Naturally going to London is a good oppertunity to buy some thing I normally wouldn't have access to so I'm hoping to get her some thing nice whilst I'm down there, and a few things for me because like I just said, I don't usually get the chance to see some of this stuff for real! I'm planning on at least 2 shop visits, to Stash Yarns in Putney and All the fun of the Fair just off Carnaby street. There is at least one other one I want to visit if I can, but I think I might be pushing it with 3 yarn shop visits, I know we are there for 4 days, and I've managed to off set one shop visit by telling Dave the Converse shop is round the corner on Carnaby street and I'm sure there will be a pub or some thing equally as interesting to him in Putney, I might not be able to pass off another shop..but two is enough, and from what I can see I've chosen well. And there will always be other gig/london visits in the future..
Ok see how I changed the subject and I STILL ended up talking about my London trip? Thats how excited I am and I've not even gotten on to the subject of why we are going in the first place and thats for 4 gigs in 4 nights for one of the best bands I listen to who are sadly calling it a day and these are the last gigs they are doing. Its going to be an absolute blast, and if I can walk in a straight line on the way home, it will be a bloody miracle!!