Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Socks, pressies, wool, and palooza socks!

Soooo my knitted pressie socks went down very well! I'm sure Paul hasn't had them off his feet yet lol
Size nine opal rainforst socks in snake

Fastest pair of socks I've ever knitted any way! Was nice to make them for some one who appreciated them so much!

Finished a pair for me for a change! These have been on the needles for months, and I've just made my self finish them because A I wanted to wear them, and B I'm starting to accumulate too many UFOs (unfinished objects!) for my liking!

Size 6 Panda Cotton socks in Night Lights

Thing that put me off the most about them was the fact that panda cotton splits like mad and it just drove me up the wall to knit with at times! But the result is pretty cool and very comfy! I can see them becoming a firm favourite!

My sockapalooza socks have arrived! And I'm happy to say, that despite them being a little tight around the cuff, they are a lovely fit! I'm sure they will give a bit in time. I'm chuffed regardless!

My little gift was fantastic as well! Some wildfoot sock yarn in a gorgeous shade of purple blue and green.

Got two balls of this!

A very enjoyable experince, one I will repeat!

And incase you had missed me getting excited about it lol It was my birthday last week!
My super lovely friend Kirsty got me some Lornas Lace Sock yarn in Black Purl, some stitch markers, some size 2 brittany birch DPNs and a sock pattern to knit up as well! She knows me so well...
Photo doesn't do the yarn justice!
It was fantastic hun thank you!

But of course me being me..I took my self off to a posh yarn shop for my own birthday present!
4 balls of Regia because well its Regia! A skein of Artesano to do the spiral socks from Knit today (the ones with no heel!) and 3 balls of Noro for a Booga bag!

Booga bag will be cast on tonight I think, my first proper felting project! Can't wait!

Long blog but I think that just about catches up the past 2 weeks!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

And the smell of boiled Kool aid hung in the air...

Boiled Kool aid? Well super heated in the microwave kool aid.
Now ok for the uninitiated, Kool aid is a brightly coloured american kids drink, comes in little sachets that you add your own water and sugar to taste and you have quite a fab little drink.
However, by not adding as much water, kool aid becomes rather an effective dye and of course, does really well when it comes to dying wool hehe
So naturally in the persuit of doing some thing different, yours truely bought a kool aid dying kit and had a go at dying my own wool!

All ready to go..

Pretty colours!

Microwaved to within an inch of its life!

The result and the fact I didn't stop at one!

Now eagle eyed will spy the fact that the purple and green no longer contains yellow...because I decided I didn't like it and just extended the green and purple areas round it which resulted in me being much happier! I just put it in the microwave again and kept and eye on it and it was fine!
I've got more sachets and undyed sockwool on route to me so I can have a proper go with wool I can knit some thing with! The wool I dyed was 50g of DK wool (thats double knit hun lol) and can knit some small wrist warmers out of it (came with a pattern) but I can't wait to do sock wool in a good quantity and then knit up the result!

Finally made a start on Pauls socks, moving along quite quickly, in one day I did the leg and half a heel which was good going! If I really give it some stick I might be able to finish it today and then do the other before the week is out, which is good really as they need to be finished by Saturday, here is a little sneak preview ;-)

The name Opal Rainforest snake is actually very accurate!!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

More WIP!

First off, my sockapalooza socks arrived with their new owner, who seemed to be thrilled with them which was a big relief I have to say! Was really worried she wouldn't like them, but of course it was unfounded! Just waiting for mine to arrive now, but I do have about 5 items of post mising at the moment, and I'm fast losing patience with the postal service, on strike or not, its affecting things way too much..not impressed. Soon may it end!

Any way, of course, free knitting time (No wool for our pauls socks yet) and I've cast on another project. Fancied doing to wrist warmers for a while, and I came across this yarn at a LYS (local yarn shop) 100% bamboo, 50g for £2.59. Gorgeous colours and really soft, and I had to find some thing to do with it straight away. So I looked up patterns for wrist warmers (yes I know its August but I can get them done now in time for cold(er!) weather.

Second pattern I happened to discover was this one called April May by Cider Moon. My gauge didn't quite fit the pattern but I decided to go for it any way and see what happens. Taken me 3 days on and off knitting, but I've finished the first glove and I'm really impressed with my self! Fits lovely, first attempt at the thumb worked like a charm, and I'm really happy with it!
Must cast on the second one, before I'm tempted to do some thing else, but I'm actually looking forward to having a completed pair!

Well hopefully this postal strike will end soon and I can get the yarn for pauls socks, really want to have them done, or at this rate I'm not going to have them finished by his birthday on the 18th.. I know I'll be able to do them in a few days if I really go for it, but its just not having the equipment to start that is bugging me! Until then I'll keep chipping at little projects!

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