Sunday, 12 August 2007

And the smell of boiled Kool aid hung in the air...

Boiled Kool aid? Well super heated in the microwave kool aid.
Now ok for the uninitiated, Kool aid is a brightly coloured american kids drink, comes in little sachets that you add your own water and sugar to taste and you have quite a fab little drink.
However, by not adding as much water, kool aid becomes rather an effective dye and of course, does really well when it comes to dying wool hehe
So naturally in the persuit of doing some thing different, yours truely bought a kool aid dying kit and had a go at dying my own wool!

All ready to go..

Pretty colours!

Microwaved to within an inch of its life!

The result and the fact I didn't stop at one!

Now eagle eyed will spy the fact that the purple and green no longer contains yellow...because I decided I didn't like it and just extended the green and purple areas round it which resulted in me being much happier! I just put it in the microwave again and kept and eye on it and it was fine!
I've got more sachets and undyed sockwool on route to me so I can have a proper go with wool I can knit some thing with! The wool I dyed was 50g of DK wool (thats double knit hun lol) and can knit some small wrist warmers out of it (came with a pattern) but I can't wait to do sock wool in a good quantity and then knit up the result!

Finally made a start on Pauls socks, moving along quite quickly, in one day I did the leg and half a heel which was good going! If I really give it some stick I might be able to finish it today and then do the other before the week is out, which is good really as they need to be finished by Saturday, here is a little sneak preview ;-)

The name Opal Rainforest snake is actually very accurate!!

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