Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Socks, pressies, wool, and palooza socks!

Soooo my knitted pressie socks went down very well! I'm sure Paul hasn't had them off his feet yet lol
Size nine opal rainforst socks in snake

Fastest pair of socks I've ever knitted any way! Was nice to make them for some one who appreciated them so much!

Finished a pair for me for a change! These have been on the needles for months, and I've just made my self finish them because A I wanted to wear them, and B I'm starting to accumulate too many UFOs (unfinished objects!) for my liking!

Size 6 Panda Cotton socks in Night Lights

Thing that put me off the most about them was the fact that panda cotton splits like mad and it just drove me up the wall to knit with at times! But the result is pretty cool and very comfy! I can see them becoming a firm favourite!

My sockapalooza socks have arrived! And I'm happy to say, that despite them being a little tight around the cuff, they are a lovely fit! I'm sure they will give a bit in time. I'm chuffed regardless!

My little gift was fantastic as well! Some wildfoot sock yarn in a gorgeous shade of purple blue and green.

Got two balls of this!

A very enjoyable experince, one I will repeat!

And incase you had missed me getting excited about it lol It was my birthday last week!
My super lovely friend Kirsty got me some Lornas Lace Sock yarn in Black Purl, some stitch markers, some size 2 brittany birch DPNs and a sock pattern to knit up as well! She knows me so well...
Photo doesn't do the yarn justice!
It was fantastic hun thank you!

But of course me being me..I took my self off to a posh yarn shop for my own birthday present!
4 balls of Regia because well its Regia! A skein of Artesano to do the spiral socks from Knit today (the ones with no heel!) and 3 balls of Noro for a Booga bag!

Booga bag will be cast on tonight I think, my first proper felting project! Can't wait!

Long blog but I think that just about catches up the past 2 weeks!

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