Monday, 27 July 2009

Tour de Fleece finale!

Not bad for some one who flaked out half way thru!
Yes I did manage my final yarn, it was being plyed as Mark Cavandish crossed the finish line to win his 6th stage of the tour (Go Mark!) and was all done and dusted as Alberto did his speech on the podium.


I love this alpaca silk, it bloody sheds every where, but is really soft! Still got a 50g bag left that I've yet to spin but felt I'd done enough with it (plus I was getting tired of scrapping hairs off every thing).

So what am I going to do with all my newly spun yarn? Well with my shiney purple one (the fyberspates alpaca silk or at least thats what I think it is!) I see a pair of gloves with that, the jacobs humbug isn't really next to skin wearable so that will prob make a nice little bag, as for the rest of it, well it looks nice of my shelf for now, I'll think of some thing!
Now what to spin next...

Saturday, 25 July 2009

So we had a bit of a TDF fail...

I tried! Honest I did, that pesky thing called life got in the way during week two, I felt like I didn't sit still for 5 mins and then this week, I felt "guilty" for not spinning last week and just didn't get round to doing much, but having said that, I'm pretty happy with what I've achieved over all, it wasn't about doing the most, it was about creating lovely yarn and to me, I've done just that!


This is all that I've spun and finished, my fav has got to be the bottom one, the shine is just wonderful! My second fav is the one in the middle, as when it is knit up, it will have a complete colour change which will be cool!

I have got one, possible two yarns I could finish by tomorrow, the one on my spindle from the previous post and this one


Which is a natural alpaca and silk, its really nice to spin with, but the alpaca hairs get every where! Does not help when I wear predominately black... But I'm hoping I can get in a last minute push and finish this yarn (and maybe the other one!) in time for the race finish tomorrow!
Watch this space..

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Tour De Fleece Day 8

More progress!
Was no point posting yesterday as it would have looked the same as day 6, so left it till today, it was worth it I think!

So I finished the yarn I was working on, I was rather pleased with it!


Started my next lot!



Then I considered tomorrow and realised I'm going to be out for most of the day seeing as its Callums birthday, so if I want to spin, I need it portable! Enter my trusted spindle and some of the unprocessed naturally dyed yarn I got from woolfest (idea being its supposed to look rustic so I don't have to be as precise!)


How much I actually get done tomorrow remains to be seen, but at least I will have done some thing and kept up spinning roll!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Tour De Fleece Day 6

While I'm still in shock about Tourchwood, I'll post what I've done today!
Not managed to do much today, been out for the first time since last Friday, to shop for Callums 6th Birthday, he opted for a Skateboard (those who know him will know how dangerous he is without wheels (for festival going friends, Callum is the little blonde one who bounces every where..)) and a new set of clothes and shoes to complete the "look" (half price sale in asda..) so he's a happy bunny!
So any way, you want fibre...




Half my fibre is done, not bad for two hours work! This is going to look good when it is plied because its already a mix of black and what ever colour is there at the time, so when its plied its going to look very cool!
My bathroom is resembling a yarn finishing room tho, at the moment I seem to have some thing constantly in the sink and/or hanging to dry in the shower, good job only I go in there, or else things could have been difficult!
More progress tomorrow!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Tour De Fleece Day 5

Bored yet? I'm not! Enjoying this spinning every day lark, not that I'm knitting much...

Todays efforts where from a 64g batt called "The Mexican" very cool name..

All torn up and ready to go! I divided this in to two again, and kept the order in an attempt to match it up..


Very happy with my plying today! Colourmatching didnt quite work out but who cares!


Well I like it any way!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tour De Fleece Day 4

Quick one before Torchwood comes on! (what do you mean you are not watching it?!)

Nice progress for today, its currently twist setting in the shower as we speak (next door must wonder what the hell I'm doing when I whack it against the wall!

More tomorrow!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Tour De Fleece Day 3

Slow day today as not had the energy, but still managed to get half of my fleece done, looks pretty nice if I do say so my self!
Hope to finish it off tomorrow!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Spinning thru the flu..

So the Tour De France has finally begun and I have decided to take part in the Tour De Fleece (idea being you spin on every day of the race, set your self goals if you want etc etc Ravelry users see here!)
But as my title suggests, I have a tiny wee problem, some one, some where was kind enough to share Swine flu with me *sigh* Now the doctors won't confirm it because I don't actually know which kind stranger it was by name but because I've done a few high volumes of people things in the last week or so (Woolfest and a Nine black Alps concert) I'm on Tamiflu as a precaution! Which also means I'm not allowed to leave the house, joy! (Good job the kids no longer go to school eh?)
But despite that, I started spinning yesterday, only got a tiny bit done before I gave up (and collapsed in a sweaty heap!) but today I'm feeling perkier and so have finished my first lot of fleece!

(Thats before setting, its soaking as we speak!)

Was concerned the colourway wasn't looking too great but its turned out rather nice! I do have a different blend of fibres (this is shetland tops) in a similar colourway so its nice to see how it will eventually turn out!

Also finished some more yarn just before TDF started, as I had to clear off my bobbins so I could spin! This stuff nearly made me loose the will to live because it was so fragile! The shetland I've just done was so easy to handle, I had minimal problems with it, but this was merino and silk, and I swear at one point I was ready to unwind the whole lot and bin it, but I persevered and it has turned out lovely, good job too!

Not knitting much at the moment, just haven't got the inclination, don't ask me why, but the TDF will give me an excuse to blog, so look out for progress reports as the weeks go on!