Monday, 30 June 2008

Guess who went to woolfest!

Omg, what a day, been looking forward to it since last year when I couldn't go due to the exhaust falling off the car just days before, so I made it perfectly clear that come hell or high water, this year we where going.
After an early start, we arrived to see a field full of cars, which did worry me slightly, I did wonder how I was going to get on bringing the kids, after reading messages about how the stalls are really crowded, and what with it being in a livestock auction building, I had visions of it being really narrow, but thankfully my fears where unfounded. It was busy, but the aisles were wide and the stalls nicely laid out and we had very few problems walking round.
It was unreal, the sheer amount of just stuff every where, every conceivable fibre related craft was covered in multiple colours and sizes. I was overwhelmed by it all, but eventually after going round a few times, I managed to take it all in and started spending the money!
First stop happened to be Fyberspates. I quite fancied some of their self stripping sock yarn, and came away with that..and some lace weight! Hmm I was worried about my self restraint at this point!

After that, I went to track down my Ravelry Woolfest bag I had ordered, it was only a last minute thing as I joined the group late, but liked the idea of having some thing to remember the day by. Have to say, its a fantastic bag, very well made and I hope they do the same again next year!

After that I meandered a bit, I bumped in to Krafty Koala which was great, lovely to meet her and naturally I checked out her stand as well and came away with yet more sock yarn.

At some point during the day, I decided that whilst I was there, I wanted to look at drop spindles. I know I've got a spindolyn, but I fancided having a more conventional one. I'd seen quite a few, but I ended up going back to a stall I'd seen on my very first go round, Whorl Drop Spindles. Lovely guy, laughed because I'd come back to him, saying I couldn't resist. He was right, I couldn't! Think I'll get a niddy noddy off him as well if I start doing well with spinning! Would make skiening a tad easier! Got a nostepinne as well, because some times, a ball winder isn't enough!

Of course, I needed some more fibre to go with this...
Merino/bamboo mix...

Merino bits and roving..

Well I might as well, seen as there was more roving fibre there than I'd ever seen in my life!!

I'd pretty much bought what I wanted at this point, any thing else was just going to be extra.
I discovered the knitwitches stall and bought some very nice silk and mohair lace weight yarn which was marked up for charity sales, can't argue with that!

Yet another stall, Twisted Fibre Craft held some thing interesting in the form of Lopi Roving, its roving that you knit straight up to felt, its unspun, and really quite unusual. I actually wish I'd bought more, but thats easily done, gotta love the net..

And if I didn't have enough to be getting on with at this point, I also came across needle felting, which warranted a starter kit, plus a pegloom too which also took my fancy!

Will I ever have enough hours in the day? I very much doubt it, but at least I'll never be bored!
Did I have a good time? Hell yes!
Did the kids? Oh yes!
Will I be going next year? I'll see you there ;-)

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

No no, I'm still here!

Ah Bt, just so my fav company...not. Oh well, least I'm back online after I don't know how many weeks.
You'd think I did loads of knitting in my down time right? Um no...
At first I lost all inspiration, not being able to get on to Ravelry and the like. I normally see stuff which motivates me in to knitting or completing my projects so I can start some thing else. I spent rather a large part of my time playing on The Sims, then I was reading, then I suddenly realised that I only had a few weeks until my friends baby was due, so I picked up my needles again to carry on knitting for her.
Then disaster struck! I was out on a picnic with the kids, paddling in a river with them, being so careful, when I slipped, fell forward on to my knees, put my hands out to stop from falling on my face, and broke my little finger! I didn't realise I had at first, I necked some nurofen and carried on with the rest of the day, and it was only when I spoke to a pharmacist the next day did they think it was a good idea that I went and got it xrayed, and sure enough, it was broken. Just my luck, and just when I decided to knit again! I did attempt to carry on, but it just wasn't happening. I was gutted.
I've literally only starting knitting again, 4 weeks after I broke my finger, its healed now, tho I still get painful twinges in it rather a lot, but I'm capable of holding my knitting again, so its all good. Only bad thing is Keir Alexander was born 4 days ago..oops!! Ah well, I'm sure Sharon will understand if Keir's things are a few weeks late lol
Hopefully normal serves will resume again, and I'll be posting lots of nice pics of things I've made again, I've missed not having some thing to show off, so really must do some thing about that!
So until then, flying needles it is!