Tuesday, 17 June 2008

No no, I'm still here!

Ah Bt, just so my fav company...not. Oh well, least I'm back online after I don't know how many weeks.
You'd think I did loads of knitting in my down time right? Um no...
At first I lost all inspiration, not being able to get on to Ravelry and the like. I normally see stuff which motivates me in to knitting or completing my projects so I can start some thing else. I spent rather a large part of my time playing on The Sims, then I was reading, then I suddenly realised that I only had a few weeks until my friends baby was due, so I picked up my needles again to carry on knitting for her.
Then disaster struck! I was out on a picnic with the kids, paddling in a river with them, being so careful, when I slipped, fell forward on to my knees, put my hands out to stop from falling on my face, and broke my little finger! I didn't realise I had at first, I necked some nurofen and carried on with the rest of the day, and it was only when I spoke to a pharmacist the next day did they think it was a good idea that I went and got it xrayed, and sure enough, it was broken. Just my luck, and just when I decided to knit again! I did attempt to carry on, but it just wasn't happening. I was gutted.
I've literally only starting knitting again, 4 weeks after I broke my finger, its healed now, tho I still get painful twinges in it rather a lot, but I'm capable of holding my knitting again, so its all good. Only bad thing is Keir Alexander was born 4 days ago..oops!! Ah well, I'm sure Sharon will understand if Keir's things are a few weeks late lol
Hopefully normal serves will resume again, and I'll be posting lots of nice pics of things I've made again, I've missed not having some thing to show off, so really must do some thing about that!
So until then, flying needles it is!

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  1. Poor you. Hope that finger heals up quickly and you're back knitting soon