Sunday, 2 November 2008

Bad blogger!

Yes so I've not posted since August, had an offline period again and just got out of the habit of posting stuff, yes I'm a bad blogger, but I'm going to make a better effort!
So, what would you travel 153miles in both directions to collect? Not much I'd bet, would have to be some thing really special.. well this was to me!
Since woolfest and purchasing my drop spindle, I've suddenly become interested in spinning more, and I've been doing ok so far! produced some thing that resembles yarn any way..

So it felt only natural (esp after watching lots of people spinning whilst at the Blue faced open day) that I should get in to wheel spinning as well, but as you may know, wheels don't come exactly cheap, I had been vainly searching ebay in the hope I'll grab a and many many others with more money!
I thought I wasn't going to land lucky until I kept my eye out on Ravelry and spotted that the lovely Jamman was selling her Ashford Traditional wheel at a price I could afford and despite the fact she lives up the other side of the country, it was worth the effort! So off to Tyne and Wear we went, battling through tail backs, torrential rain and the fact that we couldn't go half an hour without some one wanting the toilet (or it seemed that way!), met Jamman and her lovely family, and I finally got my hands on my very own spinning wheel!!!

Its probably about as old as I am, and has actually spent time as a museum piece! I'd love to know how many people have owned her. I'm very enamoured with it, it has a very gothic look, which is very me I have to say, I'm leaning towards a goth name for her, but I've just rememebered one of my favourite books, Daughter of the Forest (Seven waters trilogy) and the main character, Sorcha, has to spin what can only compare to nettles to turn her brothers back from swans, love that book..hmm I'm torn now! Will sleep on it I think, gothic name, or Sorcha..
I've not had a proper go on my own yet, my first attempts under Jammans watchful eye where mixed, but I've got the basics down now, but out of all the fibre I've got at the moment, I'm not happy to make a mess of it! Think this means I need to go shopping hehe I've still got some bags of dyed fibre from texure I might use up, gives me some thing to do when the kids go back to school tomorrow!

I've been productive with my knitting too, and having a good time of it, just cast on yet more socks in an awsome colour way which might just help me beat second sock syndrom as they look that good, I just want to wear them asap! I've got plenty of things to be getting on with, but I seem to be adding to it as the days go by..!