Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Seed Stitch Socks

Hmm yes I know, we are now in to the New Year and I'm still not blogging much, but in my defence, I do home school three kids, and we got a dog, and my free time is taken up by knitting, so you know... I do want to blog, but its sitting down and doing it!
Any way, once again, I bring a new pattern to make up for it!

Seed Stitch Socks

I got the idea from an old pair of slipper socks (you know the kind that have grippy bits on the bottom?) and decided to see if I could make a pattern similar and this is what I came up with.

Download a PDF version of the pattern here

You will need:

Fingering/4ply sock yarn, 100g solid colour (A), 30g contrasting variegated colour (B)
(yarn I used isn't available any more, but its Middlearthknitter yarn, in Not Just for Goths (B) and Jet (A) )

2.5mm dpn needles

Waste Yarn

Tapestry needle

Pattern will assume that you basically know how to knit socks, but I'll link to any thing unusual!

Stitch pattern is in multiples of 8.

Cast on 64 stitches with colour B and divided over 3 dpns

Knit 2 purl 2 rib for desired length, I usually do approx 1inch

Switch to colour A

Row 1 K4, P1, K1 ,P1, K1. Repeat to end of round

Row 2 K5, P1,K1, P1

(I arranged my stitches so I wasn't purling a stitch at the start of a row, by splitting up a K4 in to two knit stitches over two needles, but this is personal preference, I just don't like purling at the start of a needle, I get ridiculous ladders! You do what is comfortable!)

Continue repeating Row 1&2 until leg length is desired length (pictured sock is 5inches.)

When you have reached your desired length, you need to take your waste yarn and knit 32 stitches with it (or approx half of your total number of stitches) This is for your afterthought heel. Do not break your working yarn (A) as you'll be using it again in a moment

The 32 stitches you have knitted with waste yarn, are now the bottom of your sock, you'll need to jig it a bit, but divide these 32 stitches up between two needles, whilst having the other 32 stitches on one needle. This is so you are keeping your pattern stitches and sole stitches separately, and makes decreasing at the toe stage easier!

Go back to your working yarn (A) and carry on knitting as follows

Needle 1 k16
Needle 2 k15, P1
Needle 3 Repeat rows as established in leg section

Repeat until desired foot length is reached (for my size 6 (US9) feet, this was 36rows)

Switch to colour B and start decreases for toes, continue until 28 stitches remain and graft toes using Kitchener stitch

Now for the heel. Lets call in the expert with pictures, the Yarn Harlot (in this she didn't use waste yarn and cuts the the yarn where she wants the heel, that scares me slightly and my waste yarn bit works just as well!)

Basically, you unpick your waste yarn, catching the now live stitches on two needles (one top one bottom) and then using colour B, you knit another toe! I decrease as for a toe until I had 30 stitches remaining and then grafted together.

Weave in ends, make another to match, and you are done!

Even now there are things I would change about the sock I did, the purl stitch on needle two is to seperate the pattern from the foot, if I thought about it more, I would have jigged the pattern round so it looked better, but thats hind sight etc

I do feel I could have written this a touch better, but if you come across any problems, please give me a shout and I'll do my best to help as much as I can.

Naturally this is a free pattern, and you are free to use it for your own personal use, but you are not allowed to sell any finished items, or distribute the pattern without prior permission or crediting the work to my self!