Sunday, 27 May 2007

8 Random Facts

I've been tagged by Ali to do 8 random facts about my self, and I thought, well why not!

The rules are:

  • Participants start with 7 or 8 random facts about themselves
  • Tagged people write a blog entry of their random facts
  • At the end of the post, tag 7 or 8 more people, and include their names
  • Leave each of them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and refer them back to your blog
The facts!

1 I only started knitting in January this year when I saw an advert for the art of knitting magazine and really wanted to give it a try. Become a tad more advanced since then and have really enjoyed being an adventurous beginner!

2 I'm starting 2 Open University courses this September in computing. I've been wanting to do some thing productive for a while, and have been encouraged in the matter seen as I have natural knack for using them, only seems right I earn some qualifications in this field and put it to good use!

3 Despite only being 24, I have been married, and have 3 children, 6,4 and 2. I'm separated from my husband but we still live together to look after the kids as I couldn't do it alone. I am however seeing some one else, and have been for the best part of 3 years!

4 I'm trained to a fairly high level of martial arts, comes in handy if I ever feel threatened in a dark alley!

5 I can't drive, I'm queen of public transport!

6 I went to at least 8 concerts last year, including a trip to Paris to see Depeche Mode and 2 trips to London for festivals. One band I ended seeing 4 times, including the lead singers birthday party! So far this year, I've been to 3 concerts, all last week!

7 My favourite colour is green, and has been for as long as I can remember!

8 I dress in black and listen to very gothy music, but don't think of my self as a goth (despite also dying my hair black..) I don't "do" the mind set, I just like the look and the music! Tis very me... and plus wearing dark clothes makes my socks stand out even more hehe

Ok, well I don't have many people I would tag, so I'll go and tag Kirsty even tho shes on her hols and see if she plays!

Will do a knitting blog soon, I haven't been doing much lately, as I've lacked the motivation for some reason, so will remedy that as soon as!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Forest Canopy Shawl.

Well I did say I wouldn't get in to the habit of having two projects on the go but I could not resist!
I won some Opal Herbstmelodie on ebay, lovely colours, hand painted, autumn colours, thought yes I like that, £4.99, jobs a goodun, no one else bid!
Any way, it dropped thru my letter box the day after and I took one look at it, and thought, thats a Forest Canopy Shawl. It just looked perfect and suited to a project like this and after a quick check I was ok to use a 4ply wool, I printed off my pattern and got started.

I've had to frog it all once after I realised I'd made an early mistake on my centre line and it had gone all wonky, and I've had to re done some lines several times to get the right number of stitches but I'm proud of my little effort so far!
Going to be a bit of a challenge and I've got to remember to carry on my sockapalooza socks as well (on to the gusset with them at the mo!) but I'm enjoying the test of my new knitting skills!
Watch this space for updates! Off to knit in a life line......

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Oh wow look at this!

Been browsing on Etsy (which is never a safe thing to do at the best of times!) when I came across this kit Heere be Dragone
How fantastic is that!
Once I get a bit of money I might be investing in that. just so so nice!! And different!
For now tho, along with doing my sockapalooza socks (ever growing) I'm starting on my forest canopy shawl with (hopefully) this wool as it just so lends its self to the name!
The love of knitting goes on!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

sockapalooza progress report and note to my swap friend!

Just a wee progress report on the wild socks!
On to the heel flap at the moment and they are looking fab!

Really please with how they are coming on considering this is my first attempt at a patterned sock and the more I knit this colour, the more I like it. Its actual name is spring flowers or similar, so apt in this nice weather! (well apart from all the rain!)
So thats how my sock is getting on, but I wanted to leave a message for the person doing my socks. I hope you are getting a feel for what I'm like, and maybe you've even got some wool already for me, I just want to say I'd appreciate any thing, can be loud, subtle, patterned or not, as long as it fits my foot I will be a happy bunny! I'm sure you will do a fab job regardless! Beginners unite!!

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Started my sockapalooza four socks!

Well in the absence of contact with my swap partner, I took the decision on what to knit for her, with only her shoe size and foot circumference to go on!
I decided to knit the 4ply version of the Broad Ripple socks from knitty (obtained by emailing the designer who was very nice to talk to :) )
Me being me, I went for a nice stripy sock wool and the wool I decided to part with was my Trekking xxl, shade 134.
I know some people will have set out to by nice posh sock wool for the person they are knitting for, but I can't really afford posh sock yarn at the mo, and I've got that much in my stash that it was only sensible that I use some of that so don't shoot me if this isn't the done thing!
My socky friend is either going to love them or hate them! I think they are looking fab but that is just me. This is my first attempt at a patterned sock, all the others have just been straight knitted in rounds, this involves yarn overs (which I've never done before either) and creating a lacey type pattern which looks great and the stripes of the wool really pick out the waves in this pattern.
Any way, here is my progress so far! Enjoy or look on in shock at the stripyness of these socks!

(yes pics aren't great, will try and take some better ones in day light tomorrow!)

ETA it looks even funkier in the cold light of day! (and it grew a little since the last pics)

Thursday, 3 May 2007

A few finished things

Been a busy bee here!

One finished sock in tofutsies off on the right foot. Made to measure my foot using the Violet Green calculator, and take it from me, it really does work, that sock is a perfect fit and I'm really happy with it! Can't start the other yet as I've had a request for a pair of sock from my step dad Paul for his birthday in August and I need to make some socks for the Sockapalooza 4 sock swap. I've had my partners details, but she hasn't stated what sort of sock she would like, just the size of it, and has no blog either so I can't even stalk her to see what she'd like so I guess I've got free reign! Now to chose which ball of yarn I want to give up to the cause....

This is the waist coat I've been working on for dd, its still in need of a button at the top to keep it actually on her body (shes tempted to take it off at the mo, no matter how much she likes it!) but its turned out really well after working out the last bit of the pattern. Ended up visiting a neighbour whilst at my mums so she could explain it to me! She was a bit confused but we sussed it in the end and the finished result is cute!

This is the recycled Sari silk shawl. I managed to knit my entire skein up in one evening using the drum sticks! It went really quickly, just need to buy some more skeins to finish it off! Going to buy 2 more, one to double its length and the other to make some tassels for it. Don't know when or how I'm going to use it, I just wanted to make it!

So thats been my work at the moment.
I have still to chose a pattern for my Sockapalooza 4 person, want to make a nice one, but want to keep it with in my range!
Also seen another pattern I want to make for dd which can be seen here. Looks very nice, but the wool they have used I can not find for love nor money. I have found an alternative but I don't know if it will work as its not got the elastic content, but we shall see.
Thats it for now from me I think lol Off to chose that pattern....