Thursday, 3 May 2007

A few finished things

Been a busy bee here!

One finished sock in tofutsies off on the right foot. Made to measure my foot using the Violet Green calculator, and take it from me, it really does work, that sock is a perfect fit and I'm really happy with it! Can't start the other yet as I've had a request for a pair of sock from my step dad Paul for his birthday in August and I need to make some socks for the Sockapalooza 4 sock swap. I've had my partners details, but she hasn't stated what sort of sock she would like, just the size of it, and has no blog either so I can't even stalk her to see what she'd like so I guess I've got free reign! Now to chose which ball of yarn I want to give up to the cause....

This is the waist coat I've been working on for dd, its still in need of a button at the top to keep it actually on her body (shes tempted to take it off at the mo, no matter how much she likes it!) but its turned out really well after working out the last bit of the pattern. Ended up visiting a neighbour whilst at my mums so she could explain it to me! She was a bit confused but we sussed it in the end and the finished result is cute!

This is the recycled Sari silk shawl. I managed to knit my entire skein up in one evening using the drum sticks! It went really quickly, just need to buy some more skeins to finish it off! Going to buy 2 more, one to double its length and the other to make some tassels for it. Don't know when or how I'm going to use it, I just wanted to make it!

So thats been my work at the moment.
I have still to chose a pattern for my Sockapalooza 4 person, want to make a nice one, but want to keep it with in my range!
Also seen another pattern I want to make for dd which can be seen here. Looks very nice, but the wool they have used I can not find for love nor money. I have found an alternative but I don't know if it will work as its not got the elastic content, but we shall see.
Thats it for now from me I think lol Off to chose that pattern....

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