Sunday, 6 May 2007

Started my sockapalooza four socks!

Well in the absence of contact with my swap partner, I took the decision on what to knit for her, with only her shoe size and foot circumference to go on!
I decided to knit the 4ply version of the Broad Ripple socks from knitty (obtained by emailing the designer who was very nice to talk to :) )
Me being me, I went for a nice stripy sock wool and the wool I decided to part with was my Trekking xxl, shade 134.
I know some people will have set out to by nice posh sock wool for the person they are knitting for, but I can't really afford posh sock yarn at the mo, and I've got that much in my stash that it was only sensible that I use some of that so don't shoot me if this isn't the done thing!
My socky friend is either going to love them or hate them! I think they are looking fab but that is just me. This is my first attempt at a patterned sock, all the others have just been straight knitted in rounds, this involves yarn overs (which I've never done before either) and creating a lacey type pattern which looks great and the stripes of the wool really pick out the waves in this pattern.
Any way, here is my progress so far! Enjoy or look on in shock at the stripyness of these socks!

(yes pics aren't great, will try and take some better ones in day light tomorrow!)

ETA it looks even funkier in the cold light of day! (and it grew a little since the last pics)


  1. Rob is great isn't he? The Broadripple pattern is one of my favorites, I've just knit another pair of them for myself. You can see them here:

  2. Your socks look wonderful. And I wouldn't think twice about using yarn from the stash. Trekking is a wonderfully solid sock yarn and it looks terrific in that pattern!

  3. Trekking yarn is wonderful. It's not the cost that's important, it's the fact that you're DOING it at all. :) The stripes look great with the ripple pattern. I think your pal will be very pleased.

    I've only got the shoe size for my pal as she hasn't responded to my email as of yet. I'm hoping she's off on some fantabulous, adventurous vacation and am muddling along without further input.

  4. There's nothing wrong with yarn from the sock stash. I have some fairly unique yarns in my sock stash (bought from a local farm), so I probably won't end up buying yarn either. Though the temptation is always there. I've had a shopping cart up for 4 days now, trying to resist and it isn't even "posh" yarn, just yarn that isn't blue, green, purple or dark.

  5. Broadripples are so pretty. I've made them a couple of times, and given them away. My sister loves hers. After you're done with these, you might try the pattern toe-up. It comes out with little points on the top instead of the waves I would have knit from my stash too if I'd had something as nice as you're using!