Saturday, 22 March 2008

Never let it be said

That a stash is just for knitting!

See its justified, hiding place for easter eggs!
Thats me vindicated hehe


  1. Stash is just so useful! Some day I think I may be able to use mine as wall insulation or something!

  2. oh thats a good idea! I could hide lots of chocoltae in my stash and no-one but me would know! Mwahaha!!

  3. Awesome stash pile you have there. I'me very jealous! Love your blog background by the way!

  4. Thank you! Unfortunately, thats just mainly sock yarn, the reality is far far worse...
    And I never thought about it being a permanent hiding place for chocolate either hmmm

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  6. Hi Bex
    I got my parcel, thank you so much. I love everything!

    I am really coveting your stash and your Forest Canopy Shawl is beautiful.