Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I'm in demand!

Its nice when your skills are appreciated!
Having finished several projects in a short space of time, I have been wondering what to cast on next. I had words to this effect as my status message on msn.
Catherine (Dave's daughter) said to me, if you are stuck for some thing to knit, you can knit some thing for me. Of course I will I said and asked her what did she want. A mobile phone cover, yep I can manage that no problem, she picked out some yarn from my stash (see photographing it all and putting it on flickr has uses beyond Ravelry!) and I showed her the pattern I had in mind. She asked how long it would take me, I said 1 day if I wasn't going out any where, two if I was. Some thing like this doesn't take long to sort out, she even offered me money for doing it, which of course I wouldn't accept, I enjoy knitting, and making some thing like this was just a pleasure!

Blueadt's mobile phone cover, in Fyberspates BFL sock, hannah's summer

I actually managed to learn two new techniques..apparently my ability to do a cast on to work from the bottom up was a one off, and I could not get it right or looking neat. So I learned to do a provisional cast on, knit one row and then picked up the cast on edge, joined it in the round and I was sorted! It didn't really matter in terms of the construction of the cover, I could have done it from the top down, but I really wanted to do the Picot cast off as it looked really nice, and that was the second thing I learned to do! And it turned out really nice if I do say so my self. Icord and recycled beads from an old bracelet later, and I had some thing decent to give! And she chose one of my oldest stash members, and I never realised how nice this yarn was going to knit up, so I might just have to use the rest of the yarn in some thing now...

And if that wasn't enough! I'm even trying my hand at knitting without a pattern..well I would have had a pattern, had I had internet at the time. Just before I went to London, my internet gave out, so I had an evening where I was stuck for some thing to do..so I went in search of some thing to knit..naturally none of my stored patterns interested me, I couldn't get online and decided I wanted a hat to take to London. I went stash diving and came up with some Rooster aran that I'd bought a few weeks earlier. Some improvisation and a few hours later and we had...

Ok so I had a mad amount of ends to weave in, but I was pleased with it! And we won't mention that when Dave tried it on, it suited him..
See I can do these things! Does that mean I'm a hardcore knitter or some thing now?

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  1. Wow! you are clevr! all those new techniques and a hat without a pattern. I'm impressed. They both look great BTW.