Saturday, 15 March 2008

Evangeline Gloves

I had to to toss a coin to decide what to blog about first, but then decided it was only fair that I did my finished objects in the order I, well, finished them!

So here we go, the first of my finished objects is my Evangeline Gloves.
Of course, you know all about these by now, I've blogged about them enough, so will just post the finished photo!

Evangeline gloves, from Magknits, in Lorna's lace, Shepherd worsted, Black Purl

I naturally love them to bits, and I didn't even get a case of second glove syndrome because I was that desperate to finish them! I've worn them out a few times, its been warm enough (for me!) to go out without a coat on, but I like wearing them to cover the bottom half of my arms, and look cool at the same time..Already had them admired by a few people, yes I really am that clever :-D

I still had some wool left over, and in a fit of I need to knit some thing, I knitted up a headband that I'd seen on Ravelry, not that I wear headbands, I just liked the idea..and its still the cool black purl colourway

Headbangers knitted on 5.5mm needles also in black purl

I'll consider modelling it at a later date lol

Keep an eye out for my proud knitter moment tomorrow, going to show off some thing that has been a long time on the needles (tho if you watch my photo reel above, you'll see a sneak preview!)


  1. I love your Evangeline gloves. The pattern and colourway are gorgeous. I've been reading through some of your other blogs to catch up. Wish my O/H would tsake an interest in my knitting!

  2. Those gloves are beautiful!!! Well done on finishing them so soon. Can't wait to see what else you have finished x

  3. Love these gloves! I have some black purl in the stash, how many skeins did you use?


  4. Just 1 skein of worsted, with plenty left over!