Saturday, 25 July 2009

So we had a bit of a TDF fail...

I tried! Honest I did, that pesky thing called life got in the way during week two, I felt like I didn't sit still for 5 mins and then this week, I felt "guilty" for not spinning last week and just didn't get round to doing much, but having said that, I'm pretty happy with what I've achieved over all, it wasn't about doing the most, it was about creating lovely yarn and to me, I've done just that!


This is all that I've spun and finished, my fav has got to be the bottom one, the shine is just wonderful! My second fav is the one in the middle, as when it is knit up, it will have a complete colour change which will be cool!

I have got one, possible two yarns I could finish by tomorrow, the one on my spindle from the previous post and this one


Which is a natural alpaca and silk, its really nice to spin with, but the alpaca hairs get every where! Does not help when I wear predominately black... But I'm hoping I can get in a last minute push and finish this yarn (and maybe the other one!) in time for the race finish tomorrow!
Watch this space..

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