Monday, 27 July 2009

Tour de Fleece finale!

Not bad for some one who flaked out half way thru!
Yes I did manage my final yarn, it was being plyed as Mark Cavandish crossed the finish line to win his 6th stage of the tour (Go Mark!) and was all done and dusted as Alberto did his speech on the podium.


I love this alpaca silk, it bloody sheds every where, but is really soft! Still got a 50g bag left that I've yet to spin but felt I'd done enough with it (plus I was getting tired of scrapping hairs off every thing).

So what am I going to do with all my newly spun yarn? Well with my shiney purple one (the fyberspates alpaca silk or at least thats what I think it is!) I see a pair of gloves with that, the jacobs humbug isn't really next to skin wearable so that will prob make a nice little bag, as for the rest of it, well it looks nice of my shelf for now, I'll think of some thing!
Now what to spin next...

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