Thursday, 9 July 2009

Tour De Fleece Day 6

While I'm still in shock about Tourchwood, I'll post what I've done today!
Not managed to do much today, been out for the first time since last Friday, to shop for Callums 6th Birthday, he opted for a Skateboard (those who know him will know how dangerous he is without wheels (for festival going friends, Callum is the little blonde one who bounces every where..)) and a new set of clothes and shoes to complete the "look" (half price sale in asda..) so he's a happy bunny!
So any way, you want fibre...




Half my fibre is done, not bad for two hours work! This is going to look good when it is plied because its already a mix of black and what ever colour is there at the time, so when its plied its going to look very cool!
My bathroom is resembling a yarn finishing room tho, at the moment I seem to have some thing constantly in the sink and/or hanging to dry in the shower, good job only I go in there, or else things could have been difficult!
More progress tomorrow!

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