Sunday, 5 July 2009

Spinning thru the flu..

So the Tour De France has finally begun and I have decided to take part in the Tour De Fleece (idea being you spin on every day of the race, set your self goals if you want etc etc Ravelry users see here!)
But as my title suggests, I have a tiny wee problem, some one, some where was kind enough to share Swine flu with me *sigh* Now the doctors won't confirm it because I don't actually know which kind stranger it was by name but because I've done a few high volumes of people things in the last week or so (Woolfest and a Nine black Alps concert) I'm on Tamiflu as a precaution! Which also means I'm not allowed to leave the house, joy! (Good job the kids no longer go to school eh?)
But despite that, I started spinning yesterday, only got a tiny bit done before I gave up (and collapsed in a sweaty heap!) but today I'm feeling perkier and so have finished my first lot of fleece!

(Thats before setting, its soaking as we speak!)

Was concerned the colourway wasn't looking too great but its turned out rather nice! I do have a different blend of fibres (this is shetland tops) in a similar colourway so its nice to see how it will eventually turn out!

Also finished some more yarn just before TDF started, as I had to clear off my bobbins so I could spin! This stuff nearly made me loose the will to live because it was so fragile! The shetland I've just done was so easy to handle, I had minimal problems with it, but this was merino and silk, and I swear at one point I was ready to unwind the whole lot and bin it, but I persevered and it has turned out lovely, good job too!

Not knitting much at the moment, just haven't got the inclination, don't ask me why, but the TDF will give me an excuse to blog, so look out for progress reports as the weeks go on!


  1. glad you perservered with it, it's a lovely colour.

    I share your flu pain but at least I'm the one dishing out the pills and not having to take them! Well, fingers crossed, not so far :s

  2. Hope you don't catch it either, its not fun! Coming out of the worst of it now, almost feeling normal or as normal as I get!