Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Crafting space

Growing up, I had a room to my self several times on and off, being one of 3, some times I shared a room with my sister, some times I had a room to my self, for a while, all three of us slept together! But naturally I never really had the chance to make it my own. Now I find my self as an adult with a very large room with a view, I can do as I please with it!
The room is very me, its full of little bits, trinkets, parts of my life, I recently had to hide a few things away after splitting up from Dave (his choice, not mine, and not a choice I would have made) and looking at these things just hurt to see, thats a problem of making the room part of my life I guess!
Thankfully it acts more as my little sanctuary, and because I'm such a crafty little soul, it looks like one big work room as well!

This is the main part of the room, all my gorgeous (mainly) sock and lace yarn is crammed in to the ikea shelves, when I bought them I had no idea I'd be eventually filling it! It does act as a bit awe inspiring tho, I like to sit on my couch and just stare some times, alot of the time I'll reach out and stroke a bit of yarn sticking out and it has been inspirational too!
Naturally you notice the overflowing box of fibre next to the shelves, I've been meaning to either get a bigger box, or at least another one to try and contain it, but so far I just add to the top of it, I do attempt to spin alot of it, looking at the table at the front of the picture, thats all the yarn I spun during the tour de fleece, that I haven't managed to make room for yet (back to the more boxes talk..) its catching no harm there in the mean time!
Another thing is I tend to have my finished objects lying around, my stripey star on the couch, my blue jeans shawl on the arm, you can't see it very well but my cherry clapotis is on the footstool on the left, well what else am I supposed to do with them lol
Its just a nice area, I like it very much.

I suppose you could call this the main focal point of the room, its the first thing you see when you walk in my door, my shelves with some of my fav books on there, cds, knitting needles, my sheepy money tin, Sims house and of course my knitting books! Its a strange arrangement I know, but it looks nice and nothing falls off the ends!
Underneath is my coat hooks, currently housing my booga bag, my general little knitting bag (complete with domiknitrix badge) and my woolfest bag, plus a few coats that just adorn my wall.

Ah my bed, best place in the world! Before you ask, yes I've read all the books in that pile, I just keep adding to it instead of putting away, naughty!
But as you can see, the yarn is spreading here as well, I have two of the same size tubs that holds my fibre full to the brim with assorted yarn underneath there, one is my "cheap" yarn and the other is the yarn that doesn't fit on my shelves, or assorted odd balls, great for quick projects type yarn! Also you see my blocking boards (need more of them £4 from tesco..) my sewing box and yarn that I haven't put in a box. I will do one day..

And finally, just to make sure every part of my room is crafty, this is where my swift and ball winder live! Teddies on the rocking chair I've had since I was a dot and they are looking after my Forest canopy shawl. I've actually tided the table up a bit as I've got several labels and yarn ends lying around on it, plus it could do with a dust! Its in a good place as I plonk my self down on the end of the bed and wind till my heart is content!

So that was a brief whistle stop tour of my room! You really needed to see all that didn't you lol Well I think you can indulge me, I'm going through a very rough time at the moment, as I mentioned before I split up from my partner of 5 years which was extremely distressing, it wasn't through choice, and I wish it didn't have to be this way, but I don't have any choice but to live with whats happened. Daft thing is I still love him very much and the thought of starting all over again with some one else fills me with a cold horror. We have resolved to remain close friends, and I'm hoping that means more than the occasional chat on msn!
I'll be ok eventually, we actually spoke for the first time properly since it happened, and it made me feel alot better, probably more than he realises!
Oops I'm now going personal on my knitting blog, well I guess as long as I don't make a habit out of it! In the mean time, send love!

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