Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Must be time for another blog post!

Well at least I'm consistent with being infrequent! Its not too bad at the moment, one a month isn't a sin I'm sure!
I've actually been quite busy recently, I finished my wollmeise clapotis (which is going to be the subject of another blog post when I've actually taken decent photos of it, watch this space!), started another one involving beads (I swear its going to be worth it, even if it is lace weight and I have to stop every few stitches..) and done a bit of crochet for birthday pressies and my self, and done a pattern from the new Knitty!
The crochet first! Every few days I get one of those emails from Knitting Daily, most of the time I give it a cursory look over as mainly its patterns they are trying to sell, but some times it contains free patterns and useful hints and tips. This pattern caught my eye. Hmm stripy! And I decided I must give it ago, and made one for my lovely friend Kirsty for her birthday.

I never go hiking with out my knitting bag made in Patons sorbet

I really enjoyed doing it, and me being me and having a slight bag fetish, I stared at my sorbet yarn, wondering what colour combo to use, until it occurred to me, didn't have to follow their stripe pattern (yeah some times I'm not that quick off the mark!) and using the general bag construction, I made this:

I love it, its so cool and cute at the same time! And of course, the perfect size for an on the go knitting project (tho currently it holds my beaded clapotis for safe keeping!)

I mentioned knitting some thing from the new Knitty, now its not often I see some thing and I think omg I have to knit that right now this moment, but this one really inspired me!

Riverbanks from Knitty, in Noro vintage.
(and please meet my new model Martin hehe)

Callum wanted a go too..
The Riverbanks from Knitty just really made me want to knit it, it was just the idea of it, its basically a cowl with a hood, but it just looked so unique. Of course, I didn't do it in the same colours as the one on Knitty but I did use the same yarn, Noro Vintage, and despite a few usual Noro hiccups of knots and an entire colour missing from one place, it feels really nice and I'm glad I went with it.
A word about the pattern tho, the way it is written on Knitty is that you start with a provisional cast on and start on the upper neck and go back and do the bottom later, which is a huge faff, and ultimately pointless, luckily I had a look at other project on Ravelry before I started mine and noticed people mentioning not doing it the way it was written, so I took a closer look, and if you swap the two row patterns from the lower neck around and cast on the 78 stitches and knit those two rows, it makes no difference to the over all look, and saves much messing around later! Can't argue with that! My only problem is that Neala wants one, so I've got to work on scaling it down for her. I'm too good to my kids..

Oh oh and I've been fiddling with some script and came up with my finished object gallery! Check it out! Tis very cool :-D (obviously if you are viewing this from Facebook, you'll have to come and visit my actual blog to see it ;-) )

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