Saturday, 4 August 2007

More WIP!

First off, my sockapalooza socks arrived with their new owner, who seemed to be thrilled with them which was a big relief I have to say! Was really worried she wouldn't like them, but of course it was unfounded! Just waiting for mine to arrive now, but I do have about 5 items of post mising at the moment, and I'm fast losing patience with the postal service, on strike or not, its affecting things way too much..not impressed. Soon may it end!

Any way, of course, free knitting time (No wool for our pauls socks yet) and I've cast on another project. Fancied doing to wrist warmers for a while, and I came across this yarn at a LYS (local yarn shop) 100% bamboo, 50g for £2.59. Gorgeous colours and really soft, and I had to find some thing to do with it straight away. So I looked up patterns for wrist warmers (yes I know its August but I can get them done now in time for cold(er!) weather.

Second pattern I happened to discover was this one called April May by Cider Moon. My gauge didn't quite fit the pattern but I decided to go for it any way and see what happens. Taken me 3 days on and off knitting, but I've finished the first glove and I'm really impressed with my self! Fits lovely, first attempt at the thumb worked like a charm, and I'm really happy with it!
Must cast on the second one, before I'm tempted to do some thing else, but I'm actually looking forward to having a completed pair!

Well hopefully this postal strike will end soon and I can get the yarn for pauls socks, really want to have them done, or at this rate I'm not going to have them finished by his birthday on the 18th.. I know I'll be able to do them in a few days if I really go for it, but its just not having the equipment to start that is bugging me! Until then I'll keep chipping at little projects!

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  1. Sockpal, they are on they way! I totally forgot to drop them in the mail. My apologies, a gift will arrive with them.

  2. I was looking at that today in St Helen's market and wondered what it would be like. It looks really cheerful worked up and I'm glad to hear it feels good too. It's never too early to get the winter woolies done as I don't think summer is coming this year.