Sunday, 17 February 2008

Rainbow Child

A name that is certainly fitting of my daughter thats for sure!
I started this project last June when the magazine it was in was published. As soon as I saw it I wanted to make it, even tho Neala was not in the size ranges for it, she was going to be eventually!
Its been an on/off project, I'd pick it up every so often and do a few rows, and then leave it again.
I'd actually finished knitting the main parts of it a few weeks ago, but it was going to need blocking before I sewed it up, and of course I put off doing it..but then I got a spurt of energy on and got it done, hood knitted, and the crochet border done in the space of about 3 days, just in time for Nealas 3rd birthday.

Now I mentioned a crochet border...which is interesting seeing as I can only vaguely crochet, my friend Kirsty showed me how to do trebles when I went down to see her and apart from that and doing chains, and slip stitches, thats all I can do. So the idea of doing a whole border in crochet did worry me slightly, and I was going to leave it until my next knitting group, but I was in such a good mood for finishing it, I decided to give it a go.. Ok so its not identical in any way to the original, but its as near as I could get it with my limited skills.
I did a double crochet base layer, treble crochet over the top of that and then chain 5, and slip stitch in to the treble over the top of that, and I was very happy with the result. The original pattern did do some thing similar, but was 2treble (eh?) and then another row after the chain 5, but I decided I was happy with what I'd done (before I messed it up!)
Out of all my projects so far, thats the one I feel I've accomplished the most with, and of course, I was chuffed when Ravelry asked to use my photo for the main pattern page, my daughter is in the lime light! Just as she likes it of course....

Well London is just 10 days away..I did decide it was only fitting that I should be knitting my evangeline gloves, seen as I'm going to be seeing the band that sings that song and inspired my colour choice. I did buy some Lorna's laces black purl and its gorgeous, my only problem at the moment is not casting them on! Its on the table in front of me as we speak, with printed pattern, and needles, just begging me..I really want to start them but I just want to have some thing interesting to do on the trip! Only thing keeping my hands off it, that and I've got two deadline projects going which really need doing before I go away.
Can't stop singing Evangeline now..any one would think I'm excited about some thing...


  1. Ah well you know who I am by now! I think that is so pretty and I am always super proud if I do anything involving the merest glimpse of crochet!!

  2. Yes I do, not that it makes any difference at all :-) I am proud I managed it, Kirsty will be so proud of me lol
    Does this mean tho, that I have to tackle a real crochet project? Am I that brave?

  3. lol i find it funny how we both have very similar blog id photos!!! I have managed a wholly crochet item, give it a go its easier to rip out than knitting!

  4. That's such a cute sweater vest. My youngest would look so cute in that too.