Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Well lets get this blog started!

No point having a knitting blog if I'm not going to show you what I'm up to!
This is my first attempt at a sock! For those in the know, it was knitted in Opal Feelings, shade 1705, using the free Opal sock pattern. Doesn't look too bad....on the foot! If I was being completely honest, and show you pictures of it off my foot, you'd see there is some thing not quite right with its alignment, which in its self, doesn't interfere with wearing the sock as it straightens its self out on my foot, but to look at it straight off, its not quite right lol I do know what happened. I messed about arranging my stitches on my needles too much and were the pattern would assume every thing was where it was supposed to be, in reality it wasn't, and me being the novice I didn't realise the implication of what I was doing until it was too late. And I'm a stubborn git and didn't want to frog it cause I was doing so well and just wanted to get it finished. I think I'll probably frame them rather than wear them in honour of my achievement! It seems like most people in the real world go a shade of white when I tell them I'm knitting socks because it is sooooo difficult! And yes, its not easy, but with a few nudges in the right direction I managed to get the basics right and I finished what looks like a sock, and wears like a sock! I'm a happy bunny any way!
Its partner is well on its way now, cuff is done and its just the seemingly endless rounds until I reach the heel and the fun begins all over a again!
I haven't bothered to match the stripes on the socks as 1, I would have had to remove a lot of wool from the ball to get back to the same point, and 2, matching socks are too normal for me!
Will post my "matching" pair when I'm done!

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