Wednesday, 18 April 2007

My Stash shame!

Well I suppose I'd better come clean and admit just how much sock wool I possess! Ready for this?

Ok so its not as bad as some stashes I've seen, however...I've only knitted almost one pair of socks so far!

They are coming on ok now! Second sock certainly shaping up better than the first one, think I've got my head around the pattern now which is always a bonus, looking forward to finishing my first pair! Hoping to get them done this evening.
Any way, lets look at this stash in detail!

These are my favourites, top left Opal feelings shade 1701, next to it Opal Neon shade 1936 and Opal Rainforest, Tiger. Looking forward to doing some thing with all these the most!

This is my Fyberspates yarn in Hannahs summer. Now this will make a lovely pair of socks, want to find a nice delicate pattern for it as the shades are quite muted and I think it will suit that more. (not bad a ball from winding from my first ever skein!)

Ah now these two are quite dramatic, they are inspired by the (I assume!) German artist Hundertwasser and they look great knitted cuff down, but also look very interesting when knitted sideways, so I might give that a go with at least one of these! They are Opal Hundertwassers, shade 1434 (left) and shade 1431 (right)

Now I bought this after just reading the write up about it.
"This is the latest yarn from South West Trading, made from a mixture of yarns including their own brand Soysilk and Chitin (made from shrimp and crab shells, yes really!)
As an aside, chitin extracted from crab and shrimp shells is compatible with human tissue and has been found to be useful to accelerate healing in wounds."
Now how good does that sound! I bought it in the first colour I saw which I think is foot the bill (it doesn't say on it and I can't remember now!) but if it knits up well I might make some socks for dp out of it because I know that they would appeal to him (the benefits!) and would be good for him doing his mountain biking and such!

This is my misc ball. I've no idea what it is! I got it as my bargain of three balls for £9, and this one arrived with no label. Its nice, and I wonder what it will look like complete, but for who created it, I haven't the foggiest! Answers on a postcard.....

So there you go, thats my sock yarn collection! I have another basket full of wool in the corner that are charity shop bits, cheap yarns from home bargains, and my Art of Knitting yarn too. On the way to my stash is some yarn to knit the lolita legs in a similar colour and my loony boony is on its way as well, along with some Sari Silk, which hopefully should arrive tomorrow, got a bid on some lovely looking Opal yarn on ebay called Rainbow which looks stunning knitted up, so hopefully I'll win that, I'm eyeing up 2 more balls from Jo Jo land (ebay) one for socks, and one for lace and my naughty friend Dippydappyblonde has just shown me Krafty Koala who has some gorgeous sock wool in stock for a fab price, so I feel a purchase coming on from there as well.

Some body stop me!!!!

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