Saturday, 7 April 2007

A rant and new sock yarn!

Ah the joy of a new hobby that you can't get the equipment for!
Or in my case, can't get it in shops *sigh*
I've been after some more DPNs so I could cast on another sock colour, so I could be doing two pairs at once (and so I don't see the same colour for so long!) but can I find any 2.5mm in the shops, can I hell as like! Done all the LYS and market stalls, even made a special trip to a hobby craft this morning and they only had 3.5 and 4mm! Not even a section for the size I want!
Was trying to avoid ordering online so I'd get them quicker but the time its taken me to search these shops, I could have ordered them online and they'd already be here.
Lets just say I've ordered some off my favourite ebay seller along with a new ball of opal yarn ;-)
Oh, and my new ball of wool from Fyberspates arrived! Its just gorgeous! Even if I did forget to take a picture of it before I wound it up in to a ball (so borrowed the web site picture!)! Its called Hannahs Summer and it feels divine! Going to wait till I'm a bit more handy making socks before I attempt to make some thing with it tho as I don't want to mess it up. I also got a little sock key ring as well with a patter to knit my own mini sock (I also need 2mm needles to do that, ordered from ebay...) which I am going to love, what with my keyring fetish too hehe Ideal moment to combine some of my favourite things! Keyrings, socks and knitting! Can't be bad...
Fyberspates also have a sock yarn club...I'm resisting so far as I can't justify paying out so much (£30) all at once....maybe if I stop buying yarn and save it up instead...maybe next month!

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