Monday, 2 April 2007

Well hello there!

And welcome to my knitting blog!
Decided to keep a knitting blog so I don't clutter up my normal every day blog (which I seriously need to post on more but any way) and keep all my progress on my new found love in one place!
I've only been knitting since the start of the year when all the new magazines came out, which included one called the Art of Knitting, featuring this lovely Shaker style throw. I was hooked and immediately wanted to try and knit it.
My quirky mind set prevented me from understanding straight forward instructions on how to get started (don't ask) but after a brief consultation with my mum and physically showing me what to do, I was away, and we are now 13 squares in to my throw and I'm not bored yet!
Well technically thats not true, I love doing my squares, but I want to do more, but don't feel quite ready for a huge project, until I landed on a forum called Angel Yarns (and its attached shop!) and came across sock knitting....
Now those who know me well, will know I have a sock fetish, but not just a sock fetish, a stripy sock fetish. The strippier the better! Saw some gorgeous stripy wool in a sock knitting kit and thought oh what the hell, and so my sock knitting fetish started.
Its all good fun and I'm enjoying doing stuff with my hands that doesn't take up all of my concentration and I get results I can wear at the end of the day!
Watch this space for more of my knitting antics!


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  2. Well hello back to you! :)

    Once you start knitting socks, you'll be hooked. I started knitting last October, and I haven't looked back! There are so many gorgeous sock yarns, and a couple of skeins won't break the bank like they can for a huge project.

    Look forward to seeing pics of your throw, and all those lovely socks you'll be knitting! ;)

    Put a Sock in it