Thursday, 12 April 2007

Can I justify this?

Hmmm ebay auction for sock wool...chose 5 balls of wool and only pay for 4, all opal, trekking and Lana wools too....already got my 5 chosen! Do you think I'd get away with it?
I'm not quite sure how much wool I have amassed yet, I daren't count! Its mainly opal wool as they are my favorite colour ways, but I have at least 2 balls of trekking, a ball of tofutsies, a ball of Lana, a yummy yarn and a misc ball as it came with no band as part of a lucky dip! (but looks very trekking like!) So thats 6 without counting my opal stash too. hmm best get on and knit some socks!
I have joined in a sock knitting swap on the Angel Yarns forum however! I thought well why not, I've got till August to knit them, and I will get a nice pair of socks in return. Works for me.... I think I know which pattern I'm going to attempt and I've just got to wait for the colour choice and foot size of my recipient and I can crack on with it!
Definitely decided that knitting shops do not sell 2.5mm DPNs. Try as hard as I might I could not find any! So I gave in and bought 2 sets off ebay. And will remember this fact for the future, do not rely on shops for things, the internet rules!

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  1. I daren't even look in on eBay! LOL. I'd bankrupt us!

    I'm surprised at your trouble finding 2.5mm DPNs though. Here in Canada, I can't get my hands on 2.25mm (my preferred size), and have to make do with 2.5s.