Monday, 23 April 2007

Happy Feet.

Woohoo! I actually finished my pair of socks!
This one went better than the other one and actually looks like a proper sock, it sits straight and bends in all the right places. Very pleased I've managed to pull it off and I'm itching to cast on a new pair now!
They are right, it is addictive...

I started on a new project straight away as I was eager to start some thing new, and so I started the waist coat for dd.
I took this picture after I'd finished grafting my sock and had been working on it for a few hours, this was the completed back piece. I was surprised at how fast it was knitting up (I'd never used 8mm needles before) and it was lovely.

What I didn't expect was to finish the main bulk of the knitting that same night! I'm a bit stuck now as I don't really understand the next part of the pattern that involves joining the shoulder pieces, and picking up 18 stitches from some where, but it doesn't really explain where so work has ground to a halt on this one. Going to ask my mum or my grandma to give me a hand on this one, but once I know what I'm doing, I'm sure I'll be fine!

More yarn arrived at my door step this morning, all the way from Canada, which took only 4 days to get here, and thats over a weekend too! I paid on thursday and the postman handed me a parcel this morning!
Its from Elann and its the Espirt yarn in Wine.
Hands up who knows what I'm going to be knitting with it?

Hehe thats right! I've bought it to knit the Lolita Legs from knitty
(think I mentioned it in a previous blog that I liked these!) They are going to be my first toe up "socks"
Now if Dave doesn't like these, there is some thing wrong some where! I picked my own shade of wool instead of picking what knitty suggested, but I've ended up picking the one they used any way! Black would have looked nice, but I decided to go for some thing slightly different for me, plus they will still look with black I'm sure!
Just got to practise my figure of 8 cast on, I've never tried that one before.
Just waiting to have access to a decent computer with a printer that works to print off the pattern as I can't work off the computer screen, its not really portable enough!
Until then, I feel a pair of trainer socks in tofutsies off on the right foot coming on....

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