Thursday, 19 April 2007

Its here, its here!!!

Loony Boony has landed!

Wine heather
Ok so they weren't kidding, this stuff feels gorgeous! I so so so can't wait to get started on the Forest Canopy shawl! Its going to be brilliant!

And also in the same fantastic package came this....

Some lovely recycled sari silk, I'm going to make another shawl out of it, using a pattern that my friend Kirsty sent me, simple enough, just garter stitch all the way thru...on these needles!

ROFL they are like drum sticks! 20mm! Thats going to be fun lol Going to need another couple of balls of Sari silk but it won't stop me from making a start!

And if I didn't have enough to be going on with, I saw a lovely little girls waist coat pattern in the LYS, free pattern if I bought the wool

Its a brand called amorillo and it does actually have a wool content of 56% which did surprise me as it was 95p a ball! Going to look lovely on dd when I've finished!

So it was a nice stash enhancing day, and lots of work to be getting on with! (the socks I've got about 20 rows to go before toe shaping, so not much further!)

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your sari silk shawl. I don't think I could get away with 20mm pins though. That's just mental! LOL.