Sunday, 3 February 2013

Less of a productive week

Well no, thats not strictly true, its been a less of a productive week when it comes to finishing off my wip, I've been working steadily on my another pooling stole which btw I love how its turning out, the colours are amazing (Easy Knits deeply wicked in carnival), and it just looks good. But that apathy thing is creeping in. I'm only very early in to the project with a long way to go, so getting distracted very easily!


But I'm not technically adding to my wip list as I'm doing small things, very quickly! Last week I mentioned I was backwards engineering a hat, based on one my mum crocheted for Immy, well I did that and it came out well!

I've yet to write the pattern up properly, thats my next job, but I did experiment with it slightly and it will nicely upscale to different sizes, so Neala got one in the same yarn (which I'm sorry to say I've no idea on the brand of said yarn as it was given to me by a friend with no label, its wonderfully soft tho, so will be keeping an eye out for some thing similar!) so both my girls really do match up! Its kinda sweet, I think! 


Next came a shawl, no not for me! I had been thinking that Immy's coat left her neck really exposed, esp if she was in her carrier, but didn't quite know what to do, no to a scarf and a cowl seemed a bit odd to do for a baby. I was browsing looking for inspiration for a stole pattern for the yarn I frogged a couple of weeks back when a cute little pattern caught my eye, Scallo-pie, a little shawl pattern for little madams! Oh well that was it then!

Really like it, and even had me doing some thing new in the form of the scalloped edging, which is actually functional as you can use the end scallop and feed it thru the eyelet of another to hold it together, so its practical when using it too. I def feel a second one coming on thats for sure!

To round off the week I've been doing the girl version of knubbelchen which hands down is one of the cutest little snuggies ever, I did the boy version a few months back and picked out yarn to do a girl version, but its been sat waiting ever since, I did the head body and one leg all in one go, but its taken me another two days to do the other leg and an arm, but to be fair Immy isn't well, and have been out and about, but it should be done in the next day or so! 

So all in all, bad for wip this week, but busy on new projects, not really the point but I have gotten alot done since the start of the year, and I will have a new pattern to show for it too. Can be that bad! 

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