Sunday, 24 February 2013

Chained to the wheel

Yes, bad blogger, I missed posting last week, I do have a fairly reasonable excuse in that it was my daughters birthday on valentines day and my lovely mum as ever held a joint party for her and my nephew so was out all day and then it didn't seem right to post Monday, cause that would be just weird, partly it's guilt too, well not guilt but I hadn't worked on any old projects, as I'd been going hell for leather on my easy knits spin club stuff, which I'm pleased to say I did finish, yeay!
200g of fibre and the task set was be creative, so I went and created! I spent almost a week, spinning, every evening after baby had gone to bed (as no way can I spin with her around,) and this is what happened!

The one on the left is called ancient artefact and the right archaeologists dig. The ancient artefact was actually dyed in short colour bursts along its length, but I split it all in to individual colour groups, then blended them back together with my very handy blending hackle I got from ambermoggie at wonderwool last year, then spun the fibre in to a gradient yarn, left it as a single and knitting a little shawl with it!

Was most pleased with how that turned out I must say!

So that was me at my most creative lol For the archaeologists dig I decided to just split it along it's length multiple times until it was the width I'd normally spin with and then just went for it and chained plyed the result, decent bulky yarn! Used it to knit a zomg cowl which was a pattern specially for hands spun yarn.

As I was knitting that, the colours reminded me of an owl, and seen as they are all the rage of late, I found a cute crochet baby owl pattern, grabbed my needle felting stuff for his details and success! Even if his eyes are slightly odd. Managed to nail the first one, but the second.. Well he's slightly crazy, can live with that!

So will this be enough to show I was creative? Will I win the comp? Knowing me, even if I was the only entrant, my chances are slim! Optimistic as ever I know!

After I'd done all this, was feeling so burned out and uninspired with all my projects, it took a few days off knitting an odd row of my pooling stole, before I cast on some socks, well technically not true as I started a clapochet shawl off ravelry, using my colour block yarn from knitting goddess, I was going to alternate between the two 50g balls to give a graduated mini stripes kind of effect, but wasn't liking it 7 rows in so gave up, and then I thought socks with some wollmeise, picked some twin out, wound it in to two balls (as I'm determined to do two at a time using the needles I bought specially to do this, over a year ago..) then spent another evening finding just the right pattern, then it took nearly another 24hrs to cast on, then nearly hurled it across the room as it was so fiddley and was struggling with doing magic loop despite the fact I'd done it many times before, but not with socks until it finally settled down and I made it past the cuff and to the pattern.
Phew! I chose Sunday swing socks from knotty, and my wollmeise chose was a we're different libelle, which looks no different to actual libelle, so can't complain!

So that was my week, might not be project busting, but I'm happy, must count for some thing! Now to avoid the temptation to cast on a scarf version of wingspan, just because...

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