Sunday, 10 February 2013

Wee Cluster hat!

This hat fits my 7mth old daughter with room to grow, so 6-12mths is the size I'm writing for, but more crown increases, and more rows for depth would obviously result in a larger hat, I did 3 increase rounds and 5 normal rows for a hat big enough for my 8 year old daughter.

Download PDF version here

You will need:
50g of DK yarn
3mm hook
Darning needle for weaving in

Dtr = Double Treble (US treble)
Dc = Double crochet (US single)

Pattern uses UK terminology

Chain 4 and join with a slip stitch to the first chain.

Round One:
Chain 4, and 2dtr in to the centre of the chain 4 ring, chain 2, (3dtr, chain 2) 5 times, join to first chain 4 with a slip stitch

Round Two:
Chain 6, ((3dtr chain 2) twice in the space left by the chain 2 on the previous round) 5 times, in the last space, 3dtr, chain 2, 2dtr and join with a slip stitch in to the 4th chain space from the starting chain. 

Round Three:
Chain 4, 2dtr, chain 2, 3 dtr in to the chain 2 space of the previous round, chain two (3dtr, chain 2 in to next space, (3dtr chain 2) twice in the next space) repeat until end, slip stitch to first chain 4 with slip stich

Round Four to Eight
(3dtr, chain 2) in all the chain 2 spaces from previous round, alternating between chain 4 and chain 6 at the start of the round (eg round four is chain 6, round five) is chain 4) and joining to the first chain at the end of the round.

Round Nine-Ten
Chain two and Dc in all the dtr spaces, 2 dc in the chain 2 spaces round, slip stitch in to starting chain and at the end of round Ten fasten off yarn.

I added a flower to finish off, but can't for the life of me find the pattern I used! If I can remember what I used then I'll provide a link, but otherwise ravelry has lots of lovely flower patterns, or leave it blank!

Now I'm pretty sure I've probably messed up some where with this pattern, if you spot an error, or have trouble understanding the pattern, please get in touch!

As always, please do not copy my pattern and repost else where or otherwise distribute without my permission. You are free to use the finished item as you wish, but would appreciate being asked if you plan on making to sell. Thank you!

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