Sunday, 10 February 2013

That road paved with good intentions..

Well technically its not all that bad, but not much work went in to my wip, but on the bright side I haven't added to it!
Started the week by finishing Immy's Knubbelchen, the skirt was very fiddly I thought, but more in a wrestling stitches kind of way rather than hard to do, but ever so cute, so not complaining, much!
Next I did a super cute owl hat, in just one evening!

Yes it really only did take me an evening to make, gotta love bulky yarn! But the idea was so simple, just a crochet tube, bound of at one end, two triangles for the ear flaps, add embellishments and voila, cute hat!

But that has been about it on the making front, but all bets where off when I got my spin love fibre club instalment from easy knits, who is having a little comp this time for most creative use of this instalments fibre,  prize being more fibre and a spindle, yes I'm playing along! Not that I do uber creative, but I'm trying!
I spent an entire day just prepping one of the 100g braids, splitting it up so all the colours went together and then used my blending hackle to blend the bits together, to make a gradient type yarn, I've finished spinning that up and its looking good, think I can show it off best as a cake tho, its still a single so a little twisty in a hank! The other 100g braid I'm just going to spin and chain ply, as I can't really do much else with it, unless I spin a contrast fibre, but think showing it off as is is for me! I actually hope I can knit some thing up from them both before the end of the month, so I think most of my knitting time is going to be taken up by that, once I've finished spinning!  No pictures of that yet tho, don't want to show off my work until its time ;)

I may get chance to do my pattern this week, don't really know whats stopping me, apart from being bogged down in terminology! I'm so preoccupied trying to make sure I stick to one set of terms (US/UK) that I'm getting mixed up. Who's idea was it to change it all? Grrr! I will get it nailed down tho, some time!

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