Sunday, 27 January 2013

A productive week!

Had a good week, this knitting to blog deadline suits me well, plus not casting on some thing new is reason to knit faster!

Started off the week by blocking my Hypernova shawl I finished last week

I didn't pin it out along its entire length, just did the flared ends and its come out really nice, again, didn't take long once I set to it!

Next I set about finishing my trout river jumper from knitty, a cute pattern with detachable arms, so you can have both a vest and a jumper, and I added a hood to the original pattern as I felt it needed it! The coloured edges are my own handspun yarn which was nice to include!

Daft thing about it was tho, that all I had left to do on it was the top bit of one arm and weave in some ends, its been lying around for all this time and it took me two evenings to finish. Its daft!

Next I focused on a sock I've needed to make to complete a pair, so the rest of the week was taken up by that. 

Not bad at all! I picked up my pooling shawl to be going on with, I did try and find the other socks I have to finish but they've been put away some where and I'm not sure where! They'll turn up.. I hope! I may tackle my glow gloves, if I'm feeling brave tho!

Slight confession tho, I have cast on some thing new, but its a crochet baby hat and in all honesty I'll prob have it finished in the next few hours, I'm reverse engineering a hat my Mum (Hi Mum!) made for Immy, whos Immy? Oh yeah this is Immy! My 7mth old nutter, in her baby sophisticate!

Alot can happen when you don't blog! Any way, yes, my mum made her a really cute crochet hat, using little treble clusters, and I found some yarn in my stash today, thinner than the one my mum used and I'm attempting to recreate the pattern (adjusted for different yarn). I'm not sure if my mum used a pattern originally or just made it up, and I know I could just ask her, but I was just in that mood to do some thing different, and I may even write up the pattern too as I'm sure I've not seen one like it on rav, its one I reach for to put on her in all this cold weather, people have even asked me where I got it from, so it can't be bad! We'll see!

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