Friday, 19 December 2008

The story of Doggie

My youngest lad Callum is 5, hes a bit of a nut case (in the nicest possible way!) and is probably one of the sweetest kids going.
Before he was born, even before we knew he was going to be a boy, my step mum bought a blue dog, and since he was born, its always been with him, and was the toy he became attached to.
Doggie (as he is known) is a well travelled dog, he can tell the time, he can play burn out on the ps2 and even gained a sunday best name of Rudolph last year (I'll let you guess what time of the year that was) and even has his own collar and a bell. He does speak in a rather deep voice and I've known him and Callum to have some very indepth conversations.
I saw the cuddles the puppy crochet pattern when it was free on Ravelry and was immediatly struck on how much it looked like Doggie.
Back in september I didn't rate my crochet skills so my pattern has languished in my pattern folder until I got up the courage to do smiley cat, and realised I could do more than I realised and straight away set about attempting to make cuddles the puppy.

And here he is!
He is most certainly a cousin of Doggie, and is incredibly sweet looking! I can't wait to introduce him to both Callum and Doggie on Christmas day, Callum is going to be made up, green is his favourite colour (the boy has good taste!) and it will be interesting to hear what this dog can say and do ;-)

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