Monday, 8 December 2008

I'm wearing odd socks

But I don't care!
Finally finished my first Disco king socks and its oh so snug and nice!

Its pictured with my other fav socks on lol
I love this yarn tho, the pooling (or flashing, what ever you want to say it is!) has turned it out looking very funky, and very reminiscent of disco lights (if you are old enough to remember that sort of thing!)
My tallest knitted socks to date at a huge 8inchs long, I was worried about not having enough yarn, thinking I'd over done it, but a quick weight check shows I';m just going to manage it phew! I just wanted some socks that ended further up my leg as I do tend to wear knee high socks, but we are building up slowly to that!
These socks might just beat the second sock syndrome us knitters seem to suffer from, despite not being bothered about odd socks, I'm looking forward to wearing these with my black boots (£4.50 ebay bargain! can't complain!) and keeping my feet warm in these chilly times we are having :-)
Off to cast on number two..

1 comment:

  1. I love the colour of both socks, so why not wear them odd! its apparently the craze at the mo