Sunday, 7 December 2008

At what point do you say I can crochet?

Might seem a bit of a weird statement, but I'm genuinely pondering this one! I've been able to wield a crochet hook in some form or other since before I could knit, in fact I've got a misshapen blanket under my bed as we speak that I started 8 years ago, intended for Ewan when he was born, but it never got finished, and knowing what I know now, its hardly surprising seen as its all done in slip stitch, no I'm not kidding, and its fairly big! I will dig it out one day I guess..might make a good cat blanket! In a way, it was doing this blanket that started my yarn addiction as I used to root through bargain bins on market stalls and charity shops for odd balls of yarn, I knew nothing about gauge or yarn weight back then, if it was pretty, I bought it! I've still got these odd balls too, but no I'm not going to list them on Ravelry!
I stopped doing the blanket eventually and 6 years later I picked up knitting needles and never looked back, I didn't give crochet much thought, until I needed it to finish Nealas Rainbow child jacket back in Feb, I'd had a brief lesson from Kirsty the summer before, and used my crude skills to do the finishing touches on her jacket and if I do say my self, it wasn't bad at all!
After that I had a go at an afghan star, with so so results, looks cute but itsn't quite right and I've not done much since..until..

I've been attempting several small projects, with really nice results, I'm really happy that I've been able to achieve what I have, been pretty much self taught, either watching vids, and reading instructions. But they are exactly that, just some thing simple, I'm sure even the most novice of crocheter could achieve them, but in doing so, have I become a crocheter? Do they count? Or is it when I can do bigger projects with more stitches in them?
What ever stage I am at, I guess these are my first real crochet projects, I have designs on making a scarf in a pattern that looks doable in the not too distant future so I guess its a case of watch this space!

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  1. I reckon you're a crocheter once you manage to make something, bookworm or afghan.