Monday, 2 July 2007

Knitting vid and cute booties!

Cracking on with multiply projects here, its a wonder I have time for any thing else the amount I'm doing!
Last night I suddenly decided I was going to knit my friend Sarah some little booties for her little baby Luke, did one in an evening, and hoping to get the second one done today at some point. Just hope the fit him now! I can never remember how small babies feet are and I'm probably worrying over nothing!
The pattern is baby converse booties from Etsy
Far too cute for words lets put it that way!

Also on the go is a sock for Callum, just 6 more rounds before toe shaping, in his favourite colour, green!
Some innocent smoothie hats to raise money for age concern have also got my attention, done 3 already! Really quick to do, I just need a innocent smoothie bottle to model them on!
Getting my gear together to start work on the mystery stole by pink lemon twist, already seen progress so far on our knit a long and its looking fantastic! I'm using some ebony zephyr and purple oily effect beads. Can't wait to get cracking.

It feels like I never stop! Good job I enjoy it isn't it lol
Will leave you with this cool little vid, Blood, sweat and wool!

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