Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Sock progress and stuff!

Got socks flying off the needles at the moment!

Finally finished my first sockapalooza sock!
I think I've done ok, was worried for ages that I'd done some thing wrong because it looked too big, but now its finished and I've had a sneaky try on (socky friend has a similar foot size to mine!) its actually a nice fit, not too tight and not huge either.
Have realised I've done some thing wrong on the heel however, this pattern says slip one knit 1, and repeat, I slipped one then just knitted across, as well, as long as the other one matches, it won't make much difference! Just doesn't have a fancy heel on it! And I'm also pleased to report the second one is well underway and I should meet the August deadline in good time fingers crossed! I haven't gone for matching stripes I have to say, I don't like to waste wool and any way, matching is so over rated! These socks are going to be unique! I just hope the person I'm sending them to appreciates them as I almost don't want to give them away (don't worry, I will be doing!) they are my first attempt at a pattern and I'm proud of what I've managed with them! Few mistakes along the way, that hopefully won't stand out too much (I don't think they do any way..). They look good, thats the main thing!

Next sock off the production line was the first sock from my Panda cotton attempts! Now it is truly funky, the colour pooling is some thing else, and the elastic content makes it a fab fit.
As I suspected I ended up going in to the second ball, I was 2 rows away from toe shaping when it finally ran out. Didn't do too badly I don't think. Will order another ball before I start the next one, and then think of some thing to do with the remaining 3/4 of a ball!

I have also finished my matching sock for my tofutsies socks (the trainer socks I was doing)! Very pleased with this one by the end of knitting, I would have a picture to show you but they have already been worn and are in the wash some where! Will post pic when I rescue them again.

If that wasn't enough, I've been trying my hand at recycling some carrier bags and making a...bag lol Been quite a few patterns springing up so I thought oh what the hell, it involves cutting carrier bags in one big spiral and then using the ribbon to knit with.
So here we have alternating tesco and sainsburys bags! Going to do another 6 stripes, and then fold it over, stitch up the sides and do some handles. Don't think it will hold any thing really heavy but..not the point is it! Few less bags going in the landfill!

One last thing, I promise! Got some new wool, specially made by Gemma at Krafty Koala, and I'm itching to cast it on! Like I've got nothing better to do. So I'll leave you will a lovely pic of its 200g squishiness! Electric 80's, I can see matching socks and wrist wamers here hehe


  1. Love the Sockapalooza socks and the Panda cotton! Great colors. I wouldn't worry about the stripes not matching, I'm sure your pal will love them.

  2. Carrier bags? What kind? How do you cut them? The photo is really intersting.

  3. Carrier bags, just normal ones you get from the supermarket, cut the handles and the bottom off.
    Then cut the carrier bag in one long spiral about 2.5cm wide, just go round and round until you get it as one long piece, then use that to knit with as you would normally!
    This might help too