Saturday, 9 June 2007

Well I can honestly say...

I don't do subtle!!
New yarn time :-D

These are my new yarns from Middle Earth Yarns and I love them! One the left is Marmalade and on the right is Midnight stripes! Not had the heart to undo them and wind them in to a ball yet, not a clue what sort of socks I'm going to knit with them either! I just wanted them....

On the pins at the moment (along with Rainbow Child, Broadripple socks and the FC shawl) we have these little stunners!

This is Crystal Palace Panda cotton in Night Light, and I love it! First time I saw it I needed some but couldn't find it either in this country or from the states with postage I was prepared to pay until the woolly workshop decided to stock it! Woohoo!!
Its a bit difficult to knit with at times as it divides up very easily but it feels very nice and if you get in to the swing of things it soon turns in to a stunning sock, the colours on the black are great! Overall I'm very happy with it so far, just hoping the ball lasts to the end of my sock as my feet are a bit above average size it has to be said....

And if all that wasn't enough! I've asked Cazza from Middle Earth yarns to make me some Not just for Goths sock yarn, as it took my fancy big time when I was browsing her previously sold items! Looks very funky. And! If I really really didn't have enough, I've been involved in a joint custom order for some Electric 80's sock yarn from Kraft Koala (photo of which can be seen here)

I'm going to have some funky feets thats for sure!!
All good fun, well back to the northern lights socks!


  1. thanks for the post about the panda cotton! I have a friend I want to knit socks for who can't/won't tolerate wool. I am going to pick up some of that colorway for her!

  2. Your choice in sock yarns is absolutely fantastic - I'm afraid I couldn't for the life of me choose a favorite skein, they're just so awesome! And I also love the socks you have in the works right now - they're going to be so cool too! Happy Knitting!