Sunday, 3 June 2007

Been busier than I thought!

Life has been a little bit stressful of late, and I haven't been doing much knitting as I couldn't concentrate enough on my main projects, but when I gathered a few bits together to take photos of, I realised I'd managed more than I thought!
Well first off I'd better show you the lovely stuff I got from my summer secret santa, as it sets up one of the projects I've been at!

Look at all that! I was made up, a book I was after, 2 balls of Peaches and Creame dishcloth cotton, a stunning skein of Jitterbug which I really do love, some really cute stitch makers and best of all, chocolate!! Again, huge thanks to Loulabelle for that! I'm still trying to get all my items together to send to my recipient, had items lost in the post and my order reshipped, not impressed with the postal service so far!

Anyway first thing is my little sock I knitted for my sockblocker from Fyberspates. Was a little bit fiddly due to its size, but I managed it, and apart from having to fix the heel, it turned out ok!
The skein of wool next to it was kindly sent to me from Cazza (tho don't visit her shop with your credit card in sight!! Lovely stuff in there!)

And this is where my secret santa comes in! My first ever dishcloth! Don't know if you can make it out, but it has a musical note knitted on it! Going to use that as a wash cloth when I stop at Daves or we go away for a concert. Never like taking my sponge for some reason, but this fits the bill better! Seriously want to buy some more of this cotton tho, love working with it and its got some fab colourways, but seems I'm a little stuck for choice, and I've so not been inspired by other cottons, a little too plain tbh but we shall see!

This little bag was just a couple of hours project to take my mind off a few things, and when I'd finished, I found it was the perfect size to put my mooncup in! So this funky little thing goes round in my bag every where. Was a nice little find I think!

And here we are at my new project! Its Rainbow Child from the current issue of Simply Knitting (you have to buy it for the sheep needle holders alone!) Its a hooded gilet, and it just looked really cute. Its done in Twilleys Freedom Spirit, and it should be the shade Bliss, but I'm not sure as there is two colourways with the number 508 and I'm not sure which I got! Its lovely regardless and its only going to take 4 balls, going to have to learn to crochet properly tho to do the border! Should be fun! Got to remember I've got my sockapalooza socks (have worked on them too, but not for a couple of weeks) and I've got my FC shawl to do as well..

Tho its probably not a good idea to be getting all these books! (just realised my domiknitrix book is missing off this photo!) Getting too many ideas and I'm looking at even more to buy as well...another bad idea!
Oh well!
I'm sure I'll finish all my WIP one day....

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  1. I love the both of the "Sensational Knitted Socks" books. I haven't used any of the patterns yet but hope to soon :)