Saturday, 7 July 2007

Sock Yarn stash check!!

We've gone from this modest stash

To more sock yarn than I can knit in a year!

My name is Bex and I'm a sock yarn ADDICT!

I don't know where it all came from, honest! I just keep looking at online shops, and then the yarn ends up in my shopping basket, and then its paid for and is arriving here...We won't even mention the doctor who inspired sock yarn I've just commissioned from an etsy shop..
I suppose to balance the load, my "other" types of wool, I don't seem to have much of.
2 Balls of Bernat cotton tots
4 skeins of Debbie Bliss Maya
2 balls of pattons 4ply cotton
3 balls of twilleys freedon spirit
1 1/2 balls of peaches and creame
1 ball of misc 4ply cotton
9 balls of peaches and creame/ suger and creame/ bernat handicraft cotton en route from america
Then we've got the 5 balls of acrylic for my innocent hats, all the wool for my art of knitting throw, all the little bits my mum rescued from the charity shop for me....oh...


  1. love the colors you have in your stash, been hoping to pick up some of that Opal Feelings you have.

    i have the same affliction. i just can't seem to stop myself from getting more sock yarn and i'm currently knitting socks at the rate of a pair per year!!! good thing i'm visiting yarn shops while in Europe...

  2. Wow! Quite the stash you've got there. :D

    I'm trying to be disciplined, and not buy too much, but it's so difficult when all that lovely yarn is begging for a home.

  3. I'm now inspired to get mine out and take piccys, although I am quite scared.......