Sunday, 6 January 2008

I don't think this is what the designer had in mind...

Ah, new month, new Magknits! This month, to catch my eye, there is was a fantastic pair of fingerless gloves, but I noticed them on two levels, firstly was the fact that they look fantastic as a long pair of gloves, the cables are stunning, I wasn't so enamoured with the short pair, but fell in love with the long ones straight away. And the second eye catcher was their name, Evangeline, the designer made a lovely comment about the name being her Grandmothers, and how she would have loved their elegance, but oh no, I didn't, my first thought was a the same name...about a dominatrix!

No, I don't think the designer intended the fact I was going to make these gloves in a goth homage to a fantastic song and a fantastic band who have unfortunately decided to call it a day and their last concerts are at the end of Feb, which of course I'm attending! Whether I'll have the gloves ready by then I don't know, I've picked out the wool I want to use in the shape of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Black Purl (mmm purple and black, perfect!), and I guess if I knuckle down, buy the wool, I'd be able to do it. 51 days till the first concert..thats enough time right?
"Bow down and worship the whiplash queen.." no thats definitely what she had in mind!!

Ok, in other news! I've not mentioned my Spindolyn, that finally arrived!

It was nearly destroyed on arrival, by 2 delinquent boys who stole the package before I even knew it had arrived in the house, opened it up and then decided to throw the whole thing out of the window, I was livid and very nearly cancelled christmas, I had no idea they'd done it until several hours later when Martin came home and asked what had been in the package that arrived early that morning, we eventually found it in the back garden, a bit muddy, but thankfully no worse for wear and I managed to restrain myself from throwing their treasured toys out the window, tho I was sorely tempted..
Do I know how to use it properly? Do I hell as like! Doesn't stop me trying tho! I've had a bit of a go and I guess it looks ok? Not sought a second opinion yet...

That was done with some super soft Blue Face Leicester, I don't think I've got my drafting quite right and its really over twisted in parts, but for a first attemp, I was quite pleased!

Thats what I've got to play with, apart from the white BFL at the top, its all merino space dyed or just plain dyed ( there is some black on the bottom left lol) but I don't want to play with my coloured stuff until I've mastered the bfl, which might be a while yet, but hey, no rush! I'm just going to enjoy the learning, and I might even get some thing I can knit with eventually!


  1. Really lovely fibre and spindle. I'm so tempted to get in to spinning but worried about it cutting in to knitting time.

  2. Congrats on your first hand-spun! It must be so satisfying to spin your own. My sister keeps trying to get me to have a go, but like Moggle, I don't want to spread my time any thinner than it already is.

    Evangeline in Black Purl will be perfect for the concert. You should send the designer a photo when you've made them, and see what she thinks. :)

  3. Thanks you two! I'm worried about it as well, but I really wanted to give it a try and if it gives me some thing different to knit with, then I've made double the achievement.

    I'm glad that some one else thinks my plans for Evangeline is a good idea, never thought about emailing the final pics to the designer, wonder what she'd think?!