Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Help! My yarn is breeding!!

It is, I'm not joking! Look!

Ok so maybe not *actually* breeding, but how cute are they? I couldn't resist (yes mum maybe I should have but you know..) I do have plans to use them as heels and toes, making them radically different from the rest of the sock..thats if I have the heart to, they are just so sweet!

Ok I'm anthropomorphising yarn now...there is no hope! We won't even go in to the "adult" ball of yarn I bought with them to make sure they where supervised and looked after on the way here (actually it was some hand painted opal yarn which was at a very good price despite the Euro/pound not doing that well together..)

Oh no, they are getting away!

I'll get my coat....


  1. They are so cute! Where did you get them?

  2. I got them from Ebay, a German seller called handarbeitsteufel (which I'm sure translates as some thing like hand knit by the devil...), I bought the last 10, but I'm hoping they will list more eventually!

  3. We need a bigger house!! Cats, fish and now yarn. How do you expect me to feed them??!!

  4. They're so sweet! Have you given them all names?

    **I will not be tempted to break my yarn diet!**

  5. I was going to leave that up to the parents but they haven't said any thing yet...