Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Persona Non Grata

Well thats what it feels like at times! Both with my knitting and people. I try and come over as nice, I really do, but some thing must get lost in translation some where, maybe its my spelling letting me down some where…  Please, if I do offend you in some way, please tell me! Its not intentional!

And my knitting too!  I’ve knitted next to nothing recently, just lacking in inspiration, I’m not tempted by my current projects enough (no matter how much I like them and want to keep doing them) and I’m not seeing much that makes me sit up and think yes, thats what I want to do! *sigh* Its tough some times lol

Any way, what is getting me happy is my spinning, I feel like I’ve really come on lately, spinning some thing that really does come across as yarn. My most latest offering I did for my self, was some hand dyed fibre that I dyed my self with some koolaid, and then spun up on Sorsha


I named it tropics as it reminded me of a tropical fruit punch of some description, don’t ask me what weight it is, but its a single ply (as I liked the way it looked!)  but came to roughly 322 yards and I’ve just remembered I’ve not weighed yet!

I’ve also had to do some spinning for a swap, which meant *gulp* some one else had to see my spinning! I chose a colourway that my swap person had stated a preference for, but it spun up a bit lighter in colour than expected. Overall I was happy with my ultra very best attempt to make some thing nice for some one!


I did get a gorgeous package back from my swap friend, along with a lovely spun up skein, that I’ve now got to attempt to match (I don’t have to but I want to!) Its all split and ready to go on my couch, but I’ve not been brave enough to start yet!


And, if that wasn’t enough to get on with, I was tempted in to buying some fibre with the name First and Last and Always, which those in the know will, well know its a Sisters of Mercy song/album. How exactly was I supposed to not buy it? If, and this is a big if, I can pin down my skills, I’m going to spin this up for a project, I see gloves, most certainly with a gothic feel! Its gorgeous stuff, of shades of purple and a touch of crimson (must piccy it!) uber soft, if I do it right, its going to look great! (and I’ve got enough to cope with a huge margin of error, which is never a bad thing!)


Right I’d better get back to being the person people avoid!

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