Friday, 20 February 2009

Just a quick one, Angel Yarns forum

Yes I know I promised to post more, but that life thing keeps getting in the way, its so annoying!
Ok, quick knitting project pic, just to keep you happy!

There see, first ever more than one colour at the same time project, my endpaper mitts! Even avoided second glove syndrome and did them both one after the other, yeay for me!

Right main reason for being here is to let people know that the lovely (not!) admin over on the Angel Yarns forum pulled the plug on the whole thing without warning or explanation, leaving all the members and mods a bit stunned, but with true british spirit, every one regrouped on Ravelry and some lovely people took on the job of recreating the old forum, under a new name and have been trying to locate all the old members, so heres me doing my bit!
New forum, Phoenix knitters (as in rising from the ashes!) is here

Please come and join us and stick two fingers up and the people at Angel Yarns who thought it was ok to do this sort of thing to us!

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