Sunday, 24 August 2008

Its all about every one else!

Good job I enjoy just knitting, whether I get to keep the finished product or not!
The Ravelympics come to a close today, and yes I finished my task! It wasn't that difficult to do, and I would have finished alot sooner..if it wasn't for the fact I think I've got the startings of carpal tunnel syndrome, joy!! Getting alot of numbness in my index fingers and my wrists have started aching a fair amount, but I'm sure a trip to the docs would help me greatly...
I did have problems setting in the sleeves on one side, no matter how I tried, it just wouldn't look right, yet the other side looks beautiful! Just my luck...But I still think the overall cardigan its cute!

Snuggly baby bamboo long sleeve Cardigan in snuggle baby bamboo, willow

I've knitted another sock too! Tho this time, it wasn't for me! I knitted a display sock for tigerlilith on Ravelry for her trunk show at K1 Yarns in Edinburgh, I read from her blog that it all went well, and I'm glad I could help out! Even if the pattern nearly gave me nightmares with purling at the start of the row, I was in danger of getting massive laddering, but I discovered a way to twist the stitch to close up the gap and I was saved! Phew! On the strength of this one yarn she sent me to knit the sock, I totally recomend giving her online shop a visit, Old Maiden Aunt, the yarn was super soft and gorgeous, and I can't wait for my "payment" from her in the next few guessed it, yarn, hehe

Monkey sock from knitty, in old maiden aunt superwash merino, cherry.

Before I started my other people knitting, I did manage a couple of things for me, or should I say, things that will stay in the house..
I did a test run of a pattern I want to knit as a blanket, I've got 9 balls of patons melody in a funky rainbow colour, that just screams blanket at me, but with it being such a busy yarn, I can't do any thing patterned, and the thought of knitting it straight..well I can see it staying on the needles for a while, but! I saw the Argosy baby blanket, and its cousin, the dishcloth, and thought hmmm, that could work! Ideal thing being I could knit the dishcloth as a test run to see if I liked the pattern, and I do, tho I slightly underestimated my yarn needs...


Def watch this space for the full size version!

Oh and my tribbles are breeding again...

Can see them taking over the house eventually!!

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